Shiira browser maximizes OS 10.4

Where is the perfect browser? Can it be made? has a good thing going with Firefox, but the foundation’s lack of mac apps is troubling. Oh, well Camino isn’t so bad, but it’s not quite Safari either- it lacks that super-hero browser punch that the windows designed Firefox has. i like Firefox a lot, Foxy tunes, Stumble upon, and that instant blogging tool i have yet to use…

Great stuff.

thundercatsBut, what if there were something better… something sexier, something like She-ra the superhero to kick ass and take names. Well for animated heroes & technical prowess,shiira download look no further than Japan. The Japanese have developed an OS X optimized browser for both Panther and Tiger on the Mac OS.

I download the latest Shiira browser for Tiger today and some of the options are stunning if not, great. A different experience, but still very useful, and better yet, innovative. There are pull-away Vista-like pages, and a Leopard-like Page tab in the bottom right corner for an added hip factor. I am still trying to figure it all out, and don’t like everything, including the upper right hand Google pre-set. So far I can only get it to bring up web results (e.g. images, news, etc. are missing.) The She-Ra browser reminds me a bit of Mozilla, a bit of Safari, and a bit of that Snarf guy that used to hide deep within the fabric of She-ra’s universe, aka it is a bit elusive and not as intuitive as Safari or Firefox. The spelling for this product is actually, Shiira (not She-Ra, which is unfortunate) and the Shiira logo is a Firefox-like fish (pictured,) not a cat. i have much digging to do with it before i find the magic of the Cheshire cat in Shiira that would make me commit to a switch from the memory intensive, albeit, familiar and wonderful Thundercat, Firefox.

Download Shiira HERE


4 Responses to Shiira browser maximizes OS 10.4

  1. dubfreak says:

    I wouldn’t agree. It’s a nice browser and all. But 2.0 has some App killing bugs. Keyboard shortcuts being iffy, bookmarks not saving, prefrences not actually doing anything. It’s an alpha-like experience at best. Not even a 1.0 never mind 2.0.

  2. The Keyboard short-cuts and bookmarks are confusing and a definite minus, however they work decently and essential, “Apple-T” still functions like FF. As far as the pereferences, I would say that the preferences work somewhat, but the control isn’t nearly as versatile as FF. Where are the add-ons for this baby? Thanks for your comments.

  3. David says:

    I personally always thought you were on a hiding to nothing if you developed a good web browser based on the Firefox technologies- because if your idea is good enough sooner or later you’ll be eaten up, your idea consumed and you’ll loose your USP.

    Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing, but my favoured browser is a combo of FF/Flock. I tend to run both to tell the truth, I have flock open for blogging, and firefox for a lightweight fast little f£$£ of a browser. In an ideal world I should just use Flock but sometimes you get lazy…

    Anyway the guys at Flock must be sitting looking at the ideas being banded around for FF3.0 -FF4.0, social bookmarking, blogging etc etc thinking- hmmm, time to dust out the CV 🙂

    Just my take.. :-d

  4. Impressive, i will try Flock out.

    “Flock is an amazing new web browser that makes it easier to share media and connect to other people online. Share photos, automatically stay up-to-date with new content from your favorite sites, and search the Web with the most advanced Search Toolbar available today.”

    Thanks for the comments David!

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