APPL hits a 100 & Apple @ bat.

Yesterday was a very good day for AAPL, the ticker signal for Apple, Inc. Why? Well the stock beat industry expectations, outsold the forecasts, and shed a white light on a company that was almost defunct 10 years ago. It is a different company now. This much is clear. It seems as if so much is changing, a third store to be added in New York, free software upgrades, laptops and ipods surge in sales. 855 million retail in profit is not bad, either is ending the first quarter with over 12 billion in cash. So what should we expect Apple to do in the future with all this new found clout that clearly isn’t just the pompous promise of a company that plays like they are better than the competition. With iTunes sales high, and laptops over three times the industry standard, it is clear that Apple, Inc. is better than a the competition. Sales are up against Vista? Yeah, wait until new hardware with more RAM, bigger hard drives, faster connections, new features, and 10.5 is released before Christmas, those numbers will really be something to look at. i just hope that Steve makes it through to that time, the backlog track record has come up in a few fellow blogs lately, but maybe he’ll be fine, as Condi said yesterday, she doesn’t have to abide by our nation’s subpoenas, but maybe that is similar to what Apple first said to Cisco, that some allegations are just “silly.”


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