MyNews for MySpace.

Ok, MySpace has been in the news lately.

What have they been in the news about you ask? Photobucket was banned, now they have reached some sort of agreement. A Michigan family is looking for a baby on myspace. And then there is something about A-S-I-A. Oh yes, the native Aussie is roping up some more commercial sectors, meaning Rupert Murdoch, a native Australian, is buying up other peoples property again because he can. His wife is also Chinese, as reported by this next link, but personally i feel that has very little to do with the cash cow RP sees in the population and demographics that equal dollars and sense. Read all about it!

Also discovered in MyNews search to help those out about MySpace, i came across a Laura Croft article on
“her” new page. See the page that is the talk of the MySpace town. HERE

Thanks for reading MyNews, and as RP might say himself, about MySpace rivals that are cooler (Friendster notwithstanding) than the old codge, “No worries.”


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2 Responses to MyNews for MySpace.

  1. gina says: seems like its the next big social network, It’s a lot easier to use than both facebook and myspace

  2. Thanks for the info on the new site Gina. i haven’t yet checked it out, but it looks kinda cool as it integrates music into the service from the get-go. i really like Facebook however as it is clean and more or less advert free. Myspace is well, an absolute mess – who is who friend on there anyway? It does have video, and for a few months chat, but for chat msn, skype, yahoo, meebo, adium, trullium, or even google talk seem more to my liking. Anyway, i’ll give this one a look see and please comment on your experience as well.

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