Could iChat change the way we communicate?

Apple iChat. So ideal no? With its beautiful interface, 1 click ease, and universal application on every mac and pc on the globe. Wait, er… that last bit, yea, that was phooey.

I don’t really know ANYONE, that uses it… yet.

However it has recently been speculated that perhaps Leopard, Apple’s “codename” for OS 10.5 would include better support for this wonderful and infrequently used program. Would anyone else like to speculate on either .mac becoming part of Leopard in a limited capacity or other features that iChat might include?

Please click to see the iChat theater Video HERE


3 Responses to Could iChat change the way we communicate?

  1. John J. says:

    I would like to subscribe to your feed. How can i do that?

  2. Sam says:

    Hi dog. I don’t know anyone with a mac that doesn’t use ichat. In fact, I’m a big google fan and I make fun of people that use google’s chat progs. Perhaps you meant instant messengers in general? If so, I’ve been im’ing since I was…well… 14, in 1994 and I’ve been just chatting in general for oh, 17 years now. Ever since I learned to use kermit on my mac plus. Maybe you just happened to miss that train?

    Also, what does .mac have to do with it? I mean, sure, there’s .mac, a part of macintosh that nobody uses. Is that what your refering to? Course, .mac has been around quite a long time as well.

  3. John: click on the orange RSS button next to the header on the thunkdifferent website.

    Sam: i agree that Google’s Im client is weak to say the least. The gmail auto enable feature is a nice app, but you can’t hide/transfer files, etc. i can’t imagine relying on it and i’m sure no enterprise would either. As far as .mac i was speculating that Leopard may incorporate some features into iChat, but that is only a guess. Thanks for the comments and i liked your site.

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