Easy Video for under $100.00

About 4 months ago i was looking to buy a a video camera to film people at work. i needed something simple, stupid simple really, because the employees i work with are computer illiterate and were going to be using this camera themselves. i asked a close friend of mine at the time about cameras, and she asked my criteria and we both determined we needed the easiest camera possible. i trusted her as she works in  4000p HD and films for Discovery and Travel, i showed her a model from a company called, pure digital, and she said, well… for under $100, “what the heck.”

So, i bought it at Target for $99.00 and have been pretty happy about it.Be warned their is no steady cam, and the film output is .avi, so that means the voice and video don’t always match up after an upload to websites (YouTube included.) However, the actual process of uploading to your mac or pc could not be easier. You simply flip the USB switch, smake ‘er in, and presto, it uploads in usually about 2 to 5 minutes depending on how much of the video camera you use. I use g3 powerbook on assignments where i use this for testimonals and film and that is a USB 1.1., so i imagine that on my other computers it loads something like 20 times as fast, but this baby is new and i haven’t had the chance.

So, i bought this guy for my co-workers to film things when i wasn’t around, but i liked it so much i kept it. A 512mb/half hour of video for $100.00. It has a slight zoom (x2) and uploads like cake. So check it out and think about getting mom one for mothers day. If she can find word in the windows start menu, she can upload ans enjoy this handy dandy re-usable video camera with a bright screen and a durable shell.

One Response to Easy Video for under $100.00

  1. IWByte says:

    I have a client that has one of these and it IS very cool – note that if you have an Intel Mac you need a different driver for Quicktime to be able to read it

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