Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box.

Google. i google, u google. We google. Just about everyone i know uses the term Google or uses the service itself. Who really “Yahoos a new car” or even says, “I’ll have to look that up on alta-vista, like… right away.” No one. So Google is something to oogle at really. The interface is clear, concise, and overall pretty sexy. AS they say the most erogenous zone of a person is their mind. maybe that explains a portion of Lisa Loeb and her popularity “so smart AND understanding” Yes, that must be the only appeal aside from the tunes.

In any case. Google knows. That is why with the introduction of, or re-introduction of igoogle, or as they have it pointed,; Google, Inc. will record every single search you ever make ever. So if i claimed to come across this picture using google by random, Google could tell you that isnt’ quite correct. i searched for it, they know, and lets all hope they keep that private and don’t begin a conflict of interest. See Google, Inc.’s conflict of interest section in Wiki HERE
If you would like to hear some Lisa Loeb tunes and get in touch with your inner self, check out the best internet radio station i know of, Pandora, and please write your senator to keep their wonderful service going and plead to not let make all internet radio pay restitution. loco no!?

Write your representative HERE. article on igoogle released earlier today. HERE




12 Responses to Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box.

  1. Fawad says:

    You me and the girl above have to hang out REAL SOON! I’ll understand if you can’t make it.

  2. AJ says:

    I would like to join….

  3. AdERLìN says:

    Play videö sex

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    when can we have sex

  6. midoh says:

    sex sex sex

  7. fgnkl,mdf says:

    i love this gril of google i whant to make a sex with it

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