Firefox on cell phones

It is reported by the download squad that Firefox will eventually be coming to cell phones. This is good news which comes to as not entirely unexpected. Being open source, i would think that FF developers would be doing everything possible for the Mozilla community and coding the bejesus out of this thing if not only to combat, Windows mobile ™. Firefox as most know is really the rebirth of Netscape, the original threat to the Internet Explorer browser. For many of us, it was our first browser, and for a few still our “fav.” It is apparent that IE is being suggested less and less and Firefox more and more. News like this is welcome and a fine addition to the open source hotline. Now, if only i could search for a few things on a Firefox browser as I go for an early morning bike ride. Ahhh, what a day.

Unique Firefox wallpaper 


2 Responses to Firefox on cell phones

  1. Ken says:

    A couple of notes here. Mozilla was the rebirth of Netscape. And when you say “Netscape, the original threat to the Internet Explorer browser”, I believe it was the other way around. I used Netscape, but it started getting more and more bloated by version 3, and IE (3 or 4 – I forget) was looking better and better, so I switched. And a lot of other people as well. Then to Phoenix when IE wouldn’t load images anymore, and never looked back.

  2. thanks for the comment.

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