3g for Macbook Pros?

“An unproven but seemingly credible source has told AppleInsider that a new wireless module is allegedly in the works for Apple that will deliver third-generation cellular Internet access in a future Mac notebook model.” (Source: Appleinsider)vintage apple logo

This is a step in the right direction. The enterprise and business users have not been able to easily use Macbook Pros with 3G networks in the past. For instance, if i am taking an Amtrak to New York from Philly and want to send / receive emails and surf the web at a decent speed, 3G baby. It just works.

Right now, the cell networks and card providers are really skimpy with their Mac support. Mac support themselves solves this. The 3g card will be built in. It does make you wonder why they don’t just come out with an expansion card to use that obtuse little bay on the MBPs… but either way, i hope that this source proves to be credible.


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