Thoughts on FSJ. (Fake Steve Jobs)

fsjFSJ. Or Fake Steve Jobs “they” call him. He is awesome. He may be a better writer than the real Steve Jobs, he is certainly more into what the Flickr people call, interestingness.

Today is his day, top headlines on Google Gmail, Businessweek, the Blogosphere, and ThunkDifferent. FSJ has been known by us few, but today, FSJ is known by many.

For those of you new to, the writing by FSJ is more fun to read than the WSJ, IBD, and MSN combined (haha). i.e. Less content, but more “pizazz!” More of what “they” call simple and beautiful, FSJ is by his own account into such things, ” I love beautiful objects. I love creating them. Negative people upset me. ” -FSJobs. I’m sure there is more to know about him on his profile, and i would read it, but it is after all… Fake. And as Colbert, weekend update, and the history of comedy has proven, Fake is Awesome.

FSJ is the real deal. FSJ is no joke. FSJ’s writing skills are now more powerful than the founder of Sun Microsystems, and that is no laughing matter. I have come across his site a few times, and laughed, but always kind of assumed it was Steve. So the news to me is that it is not Steve, b/c Steve would write a letter to the world as he did with Digital Rights Management DRM.

Changing the world is so Steve Jobs. FSJ is so changing the world. Perhaps they are one in the same.

(Title borrowed from the Real Steve Jobs HERE.)


3 Responses to Thoughts on FSJ. (Fake Steve Jobs)

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