Apple has Wings.

Apple, Inc. has been soaring lately. And now it has Wings. It is reported by Macnn that Paul McCartney inked a deal with the Cupertino based company worth, well, alot. Not only is Paul’s new album, “Memory Almost Full” going to be sold on iTunes starting June fifth, ALL his albums are. Now hold up, i know you aren’t that excited about it, but the radio hits are there, and hopefully this means that the Fab 4 will be released here soon too. According to the real Steve jobs, “Paul McCartney is one of the greatest musicians of all time, and we’re extremely excited to offer his first digitally distributed album on iTunes,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. (Please read about Fake Steve Jobs if you like here)

In other news, the Macbook line got an upgrade, every unit now ships with at least a gig (which is a great thing,) Wireless-N, networking, mag safe plugs, sipped the CPU up to 2.0 speed, and upgraded the hard drives too. i guess 200 gigs in a macbook is spectacular isnt it, macbooks are only an inch thick and apparently faster than my 1.83 G-5 desktop. dang.

So with this news and it being early in the day, Wall Street is reacting positively (again) to Apple Inc, with its shares already rising a bit each share in today’s trading alone. As of last nights close Apple was at $109.36 and from the graph below you can see that the share price has risen almost $25 per share when much of what is going on isn’t 100% positive news. It doesn’t seem to matter right now. Now… let’s see, I posted the former post below regarding the Apple store downtime around 7:20 eastern or so, so the store has been down almost two hours. When it pops back up you can bet to see some things about Paul, the new macbooks, and the numbers on Wall Street are going to fly further up the charts.

yahoo chart


One Response to Apple has Wings.

  1. Apple finally stretched their wings and that is a good news. After a deep struggle with the DRM issues, here comes the much awaited “yes” of the former Beatle member…whoa! this is something worth waiting…

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