Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box – 5.15.2007

Ad free Google, get precisely what you google lady

Personally, I like the Google Ads, but if you don’t, you may want to try this URL from Google to search.

A search for “ipod” brings up about nine ads on the main Google Search. But the same search on displays no ads, but the same exact organic results.

I spotted this at DigitalPoint Forums but I believe this originated from TecheBlog, but I am not 100% sure.

How did they figure this out? It was not brain surgery. Go to any of the About Google pages, for example here and on the left side is a search box that says “Find on this site.” Enter your search query there, let’s say for ipod and up come results for ipod matches found at

Right, I know, that is not what you want. But by simply removing the “&” parameter from the URL, you are opening up the search to all sites. Yes, ad free. (Source: SER)

One in ten sites searched by Google contain malicious code

Google researchers have discovered that hundreds of thousands of sites in its database launch so called drive-by downloads. Simply loading some web pages can launch malicious software, compromising security in a virtually undetectable manner. (Source: Security Park) MORE 1 2

APPLE NEWS: The store has returned in the USA & Abroad. See earlier story


5 Responses to Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box – 5.15.2007

  1. Kelly Stephenson Krauss says:

    The feature of Google is a good one, and i c u had a Google, Sex, and Pandora’s box article like this before, will you have anymore?

  2. Thanks for the compliment, i have done one of these columns before and will do one again, so if you are into overtly hot girls and fresh content all pointing out Google news and info related to the world’s largest “adult entertainment” supplier, well then, you are in luck!

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