WordPress: 1,000,000 Blogs.

Almost… It seems that only yesterday WordPress had 500,000 users, and before that it didn’t even exist. Remember when the .com didn’t exist?

wordpress 1,000,000 So when was 500,000? It was actually November 28th, 2006.

It still doesn’t BTW (by the way) but, almost.yogi bear

Currently WordPress.com is boasting, 986,436 as/of/May 19th 2007. That is roughly 500,000 new blog works-in-progress in 6 months; or about 2800 new blogs a day. Check out WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, & his thoughts about it all in an interview below.

Here is a quote about success from another wordsmith guru:

“Baseball is 90% mental — the other half is physical.” -yogi berra

Well, i Just thought i’d refresh peoples mind about that one. Here are some more from Yogi VIDEO


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  1. […] over 7000 readers in just our first 31 days on-line. Now this isn’t 100% amazing news such as WordPress & 1,000,000. But it is a start for what we […]

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