The Cult of Mac & “Steve’s Church.”

The cult of the Macintosh personal computer comes as i’m sure no surprise to many readers of this blog, but it is accelerating and seems to be picking up speed. Just look at the laptop market, 10% – that may not seem like much, but an entire OS goes with it. Also, the ipod, and heck, this weekend i had a conversation with my mac-less friend (ipod notwithstanding) about the iPhone,mac bible koran he’s getting it. The day it comes out. i Think. Anyway, the exact date is not important, the fact that Apple and its pleazed customer base is. i Should mention that my g5 slammed shut with a kernal error today, everything is up to date, it wasn’t running any big programs, and just shut down. Why would that happen? (it’s not the first time either, yikes!) In any case, i am still happy about my mac and glad it is here to type on, and i’m glad there are so many other people excited about them too. The more the merrier they say….

Now i just pray that my g5 turns on in the morning. Let’s have a great week Apple fans!

In The Beginning…” –


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