MacAdemia farm grows fresh Apples from recycled Macs.

Read the article report below, for some truly thunk different news…

Thunk different

A macadamia farm in Australia is home to what may be one of the most innovative, ecologically friendly Mac recycling projects to date.

While Apple has drawn the spotlight to its new eco-friendly commitment and is offering schools a helping hand with a new recycling program, at least one organization is taking its own approach to spare old systems from the landfills.

The Australian state of New South Wales is home to Piccadilly Park, a farm just south of Bangalow that has seen a transformation from a cattle farm to a hybrid macadamia orchard and wetland restoration project where rainforest trees frequently outnumber the crops. Encouraging the growth has brought in an array of birds that not only lend a more organic feel to the farm, but also serve as a natural substitute for the toxic pesticides that would otherwise be used to kept insects at bay.

But to help these birds find a home, farm owner Rex Harris has thought of a unique approach to building nesting boxes: converting old Macintosh computers. Instead of building the avian homes solely from scratch, Piccadilly Park has taken to emptying and then reusing the plastic shells of vintage Macs as birdhouses, mounting them on poles throughout the farm to provide nests in open areas… MORE. (Source: Appleinsider)

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2 Responses to MacAdemia farm grows fresh Apples from recycled Macs.

  1. Cary Arnet says:

    So, your telling me that a farmer is growing things like aquariums, LOL, that is very funny to hear.

  2. dd766a87e70c says:



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