MySpace, Sex, and Pandora’s box: 7-1-2007

Photobucket bought by MySpace, well we all saw that coming. How about rivals? Facebook is on the rise. You know it, the clean slate facebook, where you can actually come close to knowing all the people on your site. Less ads, no video, gifts, icons, groups… yeah Facebook, the better one. Well this entry will focus a little bit on Facebook for a change, as they are opeing up their code to developers to really make it dazzle. Here is a little except from itwire…

Facebook gets an upgrade into the open ‘Facebook Platform’, allowing any developer to build applications with ‘deep integration into Facebook’, as the company fights to compete against the 800-pound gorilla that is News Corp’s MySpace.

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In sharp contrast to MySpace’s increasingly closed system, annoying users wanting to share photos from sites like Photobucket by blocking them from working with MySpace, and also stopping third party companies from making money out of MySpace users, Facebook has done an about face on MySpace and is doing the opposite.

Facebook have announced the Facebook Platform at “Facebook f8” event in San Fracisco, held May 24th, which Facebook says is “named to reflect the developer hackathon that ends 8 hours after the address during which new applications will be created for Facebook”, and there launching the event was founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the man who turned down Yahoo’s offer last year to buy Facebook for US $1 Billion dollars. (more)


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