iTunes not to offer Beatles records this year?

This of course is a summer bummer.

MacDailyNews reports that the fab four aren’t going to have records released on iTunes until next calendar year. Ay,ay, ay. Who can wait that long. Well, OK i have most of the beatles i need, but if i wanted more… it would be nice to get them from iTunes. you would think now that Paul McCartney has released his Wings and solo catalogues that the beatles would not be far behind. Well think again. And i mean think… do you remember when pop sensation Michael Jackson bought the rights? I hope that doesn’t have anything to do with it. Can you imagine MJ insisting RSJ call him to say “Please Michael, you are the king of pop, but the Beatles are liked too.” or something like that. Creepy. I digress. Well hats off to iTunes for getting Paul, so now that we know some of the remaining Beatles will sign with Cupertino and approachable to iTunes deals, i cast my eyes to the iTunes search bar to look for any singles, if any, by the Beatles drummer. (see photo)

Have a great weekend everyone!




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