Have you read the news today? Oh boy…

Sometimes you open the newspaper and think, Ok… nothing… nothing… Futch it. And you do something else, you jog, go to the computer, go to work, eat; just about anything but read the paper.

Other times its unbelievable. Like today. I was checking out some of the big dailys and came across two really huge pieces of information and much malarky too.

Huge item #1.Vladimir Putin said that Russia is stongly considering pointing nuclear weapons at Europe. Great. This solves alot. ‘I’m aiming a jart at your house!” It’s likely a bluff, but an insipid one that could lead to insidious times. Sure hope not, but just so more people know… Kanomi might be re-releasing Rush N’ Attack.

Huge item #2. China is choosing development over the climate. Did you kow that next year China is likely to become the world’s biggest pollutor estimated by most climatologist. You don’t hear that word very often, well, you will.

In both cases they are big items, but really just another day where corporations lead the reigns of beauracracy. China sites decades of slow development as a “get out of jail free card’ so it is now there turn to not give a hoot. “Hooey” they were not as advanced, whose fault is that? Besides the data wasn’t there before about the environment, now it is, it has become a categorical imperative for the morally interested. Imagine if Apple started to use massive amounts of mercury in their monitors b/c it made for brighter screens and the initiated use was spun as “to make up for the dark ages.” Greenpeace would be flipping out then, huh?

How about “Mother Russia?” Just when American movies were making the bad guys with different accents, Russia starts pulling hair. I suppose the Missile defense system suggest by the Americans was in bad taste, but the annexing of BP oil fields, and the blantant disregard for democratized stability is really bad form. Ay ay ay.

The world will turn, the news will churn, and OMG to these are the times that we live in.

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