15,000 page views for the 100th post.

Hi readers,

Thanks for keeping up to date with Apple, Inc. & Things i Think. This is the 100th post for Thunk Different since we began posting on April 20th, 2007. We also reached over 15,000 views yesterday, added Digg, del.icio,us,bob thunk FARK, newsvine, and other RSS readers to the base of every posting starting yesterday. If you go back and check you will see a few more than that b/c i added them on popular posts.

What has ThunkDifferent done thus far?

Gotten the word out. The amount of news that Apple & readers like you come up with is astounding. It is so much fun to write about and thanks for the questions, i always love to get fan mail. i’m sure i will be better to keep better track of all of the other Apple RSS feeds now as i recent downloaded a news reader myself, turning 2.0 is a journey, not a destination. (or at least one i fully understand at this time anyway.)

What can we expect in the near future?

The Thunk Different podcast. Fo’ Sure. i started podcasting in January of last year if you would like to check out some of my old shows, just google “expatpodcast” or go to expatpodcast.blogspot.com. i have moved over to wordpress since then and am glad to say i am quite happy with them.

thunk mariaWhat is 20weblogs?

20 weblogs is a new 2.0 web community of independent bloggers networking media channel throughout the web. Unlike most other blogging outfits, 20weblogs is not a profit driven collective. If you would like to find out more about them, go to 20weblogs.com and request an invitation.

WWDC, Whatcha think?!

Oh hell, i don’t know. i think that leopard will (hope) surprise. i have been reading about its architecture on some of the developer blogs and they have some interesting things to say. i personally think that in the next year we will see smaller more energy efficient chips from intel and AMD, touch screen imacs, and a big update to .mac service with iphone integration into the laptops, Apple TV, and more Google apps.

Tell us about the iPhone.

Oh, just read my posts and the links about from two days ago, not hot off the presses, but as current & steamy as anyone else has.

Tell us more!!!

i will, just keep reading and asking questions and i will get back to you personally, i just added jaiku today too, so keep posted by reading one of the hardest things i am working on right now. The Thunk Different. Blog.

For questions 0r contact information please go to the guestbook or email me on facebook, jaiku, gmail, or the RSS reader of your choice below.

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