Google, Sex, & Pandora’s Box: 6-7-2007

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google sex

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Google, Sex, and everything this porn engine revs out is great. So Pal… Where do you go for your porn:? The excite search engine? Lycos?, do you, “Yahoo” “tits” when you get the chance and no one is around, yeah, i bet buddy. No you don’t buster, you “Google it!’

I recently saw that film, Knocked Up, funny as all get out, one of the best two parts was the older of the two young daughters in the movie, the first time she really gets your attention, is when out of no where, so goes in a car ride from school, ” you know, i googled “murder” the lady driving the car is like, “um yeah, what did you see” the girls says what she say, and the lady driving goes, oh no that’s just ketchup!” Right.

We know what she saw, My Bloody Valentine, Al Capone, Vietnam, Iraq, all of that. aka the truth. No narrative involved, but a picture is worth 1,000 words and dang if Google don’t have it all.

So since i’m on the subject of this film, Seth, the protagonist and producer did a stand up job, very funny, check the film out if you have 9 dollars and are worried that our government will get you if you use services like limewire or bitorrents which are so, so traceable.

Alright, i leave you with this, “We know exactly what you’ve been searching for.” It will all be available within time, now is the time to start thinking about how to explain that to your kids when you knock someone up and do the right thing. Raise them best you can.

PS Word to reader Greg G, I will be sending the Google chick to your residence to do what you like, BUT BE WARNED & BE NICE she is…”

11 Responses to Google, Sex, & Pandora’s Box: 6-7-2007

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Who is the chick in that picture?

  3. rusmanu says:

    life is real to in akherat

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Akhtar says:

    i want to my email adrees sexy porn vedieos and photo

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