Jaiku & web 2 point u.

i recently signed up for the Jaiku web service.jaiku logo

Jaiku is a real-time blogging service that lets you share your activities faster and more tersely than traditional services. Another service just like it is Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook and even Gmail has a feature where you can change what you are doing.

So what are people doing?

Most people put the name of a song, what they’re eating, or what they are up to that night. Some times people put websites and stuff, frankly the jury is out, but as people we want to fit in, i think this stuff might just surprise us and what we are all about.

i first heard of twitter a long time ago when i started podcasting, it was connected to odeo somehow, but it didn’t make sense to me at the time, “What the f……..” was likely my first response, it was hellodeo, their other service that i thought to be innovative at the time, instant video, i’ll be, well that will grow too, but we need to wait for that, first we need to know about this…

So here is how it works. i type in a message on my mac or pc or telephone and it goes to a mini blogroll. That’s it. pretty much.

So understand that this is different from blogging, writing correctly, or even “understandably,” the average sentence length is about 2/3 leetspeak/ 1/6text and 1/6 code, e.g:

1.MSN/Y!/AOL: MTV3 ddy ynkee, OMG, a sec… ttyl8rk?

2.Twitter/jaiku : MTVtres: daddy yankee, “impacto” LOL. i’ll call everyone later!


1. It means i was watching a rapper on MTV 3 called Daddy Yankee and that i will talk to you later – a bit like an instant message.

2. The jaiku/twitter message is maybe more familiar, it is obviously written as an announcement, the whole idea is…

What are you doing?twitter

That’s it. That is what this is… one more channel of connectivity.

But is this connectivity deeper or more shallow, it’s not as if you can look a person in the eye, hear their voice, or appreciate the grace of their handwriting on special paper.

But wait. Templates are coming and like e-mail to “snail mail” This jot dab blurb just might make up a bigger part of our day than we ever imagined.


The LOL of the message might mean the video is funny, or something funny might of happened, and unless you are watching a more centralize nervous system like justine tv, this is all you are going to get mister. You don’t think about these things, you just kind of throw them out there, like a message from chief TWit HERE.

It’s similar to a text, and that is what all the kids are doing these days, well, most anyone under 30 and those under 40 too. Texting is popular with today’s cellular population and that will grow. That is why i think that jaiku and twitter and facebook and ay ay ay, all of ’em will grow.

Twitter and Jaiku are meant for everyone, it is a message you just blast out to innerspace and everyone in the web can read it. Anyone with a cell if they are interested, it is beehivish, borgish, it is the web2.u. Everything i do can now be documented as i like. i like a band, i facebook, ilike and jaiku that ilike a band. bam. Subscribing to my feed is like living my life with a little data, a little pleasure, but a clue of what- it-would-be-like.

texting signYou can follow along with an American idol contestant, a favorite band on the road or just out for a night. Sports stars, rap stars, royalty, and men at war.

i mean if Fonzy had jaiku would you now check it out (wait he only went like three places and said “ay” or was that Nick from Family Ties?” If they only subscribed.

My Jaiku: web20

My Twitter: i recently took Leo Laporte’s advice and said “to hell” with this service for now. —

Plug ins for jaiku:

HERE – WordPress (Thanks Douglas!)

HERE – 19 more jaiku tools

(Thanks Mashable!)

Please note that Jaiku is the clear winner here according to us, it is preferred by Scoble, Douglas Kerr, Leo Laporte, my buddy Justin, and of course, myself. So please check out my feed web20 to see “what I’m doing.”

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4 Responses to Jaiku & web 2 point u.

  1. Great, got it… Thanks for posting, I’m just getting ready for WWDC, see you on Jaiku Douglas!
    -Americo de Thunk Different.

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  3. […] possible Twitter link i found for readers… HERE. (Article on Twitter/jaiku) […]

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