Live WWDC Coverage on Jaiku.

Update: i sent messages through jaiku for about 25-30 mins and tried out a few services. Historically it looks as if engadget had the best coverage, but the streaming was key, macrumors live was the place to be, in fact as it is still only 38 min into Steve’s keynote, it is still the best place to go, great photos tho, and sitening did a decent job (no photos) see jaikus for web20!

Don’t forget to go to the apple store to see the new additions. 

ok, off the downtown Chicago! | Original below…

This is a post that will bring more attention to the jaiku service i reviewed yesterday. Now, considering the subject of my jaikus is going to be covered extensively by video media, and other veteran services i will not cover the whole thing.

i will cover the first 10 – 15 minutes, and then you can explore the wwdc on your own.

i suggest the live streams here. |

My Jaiku: web20

jaiku wwdc


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One Response to Live WWDC Coverage on Jaiku.

  1. Andy says:

    ok cool! What was it like?

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