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poetry 2.02.0 whom it may concern:

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As I was trying to get to sleep last night, I happened across one of my parents magazine, called, TIME. “Printed Pages!” I exclaimed, and read with glee. As I became more and more groggy the article on Poetry presented itself to me and sparked a few ideas:

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Perhaps the answer is Poetry 2.0

Keep reading as i submitted this exact entry to Poetry Magazine earlier today.

Bare with me for a quick update whilst I explain this term and your possible future success with poetry in modern times.
As a former English teacher who worked at an innovative start-up school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I had to learn marketing, management, languages, and web design to get people to come to my school. I am happy to say that venture was a success and while that time is behind me and I leave for fresh adventures this week in the Big Apple; before I go, I would like to share something with you. That, of course, is Poetry 2.0.

Slow down, what is 2.0?

Answer 1.0
The on-line article hub, Wikipedia, can likely do this much better than I, obviously but most generally, it is the latest term for a rising connectivity. “2.0” can surround social, technological, scientific, economic, or any network that can optimize connections in a digital age.

Answer 2.0: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gmP4nk0EOE&eurl=

Answer that a poet can understand. It is a season.

poetry 2.0My serious point, however is this 2.0 is just that latest term for change, advancing so fast we can no longer easily put it into words. That is why we need poets to use 2.0 outlets to express their poetic definition, YouTube your thoughts! 2.0 is not just an integer, what does it mean to the poet? Within the last few years instantaneous blogging, streaming, and information changes hands instantly. Cultural gravity is increasing and things that aren’t found attractive within our values will lose their charge and fall out of touch with the nucleus of this digital culture. This is why entertainment is valued over news, and personal opinions over reason. (See truthiness) These are modern times that want to accelerate everything without question, without dissent, or real cleverness. Sportscenter has all but killed the pun. So what about that sort of creative thinking? Ahh yes, the ones who make life interesting, the poet and their poems?

They are here, yet caught between the days of yore and the tribal ego of fitiniess (Phit-in’y’ness) Ex: Go walking around like you just really only dig poems and you might get your ass whooped due to your lack of fitiniess. This is the issue with poems. Poems alone are hardly ever as accepted as they once where, and traditionally poems may never be looked at exactly as they were before.

The lyrics left the court and jumped up to the beat of a drum. Poems now live in rhymes, their songs, and most songs now live in videos.

This is our connectivity, this is the www2.0

So what does any of this have to do with how to re-invent the poem?

Well, as i sit here again trying to get to sleep i started writing with the thought that I had a possible answer:

It’s cool like DAT
as a continuing format by A.R.Thompson.

datpromote poems in the text message,
using digital text.
hyperlinking an inbox
just skype us to vex
or dot org and spread peace
with haiku’s on jaiku,
my songs on my space, or
wordpress on you tube.
Just wiki your blog and podcast life’s mess
creation that wonderful, wonderful mess.

Poetry needs salvation, so send this r -s -s

… but come to think of it, now I am not so sure that kind of poetry is any different than the connection poetry has been making with humanity since the inception of consecutive ideas. Here’s two.

2 consecutive ideas.

1. The poem never went anywhere, it has just changed. From the rock songs to rap songs, from Whitman to Wu-tang. The culture of change may not always be pretty, but it is like the poet, always in motion, always in verse.

2. As long as humanity is here, our collective consciousness will grow. And so as long as our sun is considered to be eternal the sun’s gravity will keep us & the and the heavenly bodies around evolving. So let us not slow, and go, 2.0, on our digital planet.

3 Responses to Poetry 2.0

  1. ClapSo says:

    Well if you insist. Here’s my call to poetic change and in a perfect text message package.


    A prison of form
    Seventeen syllables is
    Breakout to free verse

    I think it will be the last haiku I will ever write. I have moved on to poetry 2.0 I guess.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. Awesome, thanks for the response. Good luck on your spiritual quest.


  3. poet 2.0 says:

    seen this? a different poetry 2.0 thing

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