The Delicious Generation & funk for everyone, mp3: Can you digg it?

“Click” for Disco or Seoul.

disco delicious


Party details. HERE. Whoops… HERE… Do’h! HERE IT IS!!


my ticket to the party

… and here is my/your real ticket below!**

**Who would know it is not you?

Who’s who & who is showing below.

“Looks like it’s going to be an awesome event.”

Aquafadas (Matthieu Kopp)

“Come by, watch our PulpMotion demo, and your (i)Life will never be the same.”

Blacktree (Alcor)

“I’ll be there demoing Quicksilver.”

Boinx (Oliver Breidenbach)

“Come by for a sneak peak at our upcoming app.”

MDA (Atmosphere) (Jason Harris)

“Grab hold of your wellies and your snowplows, I’ll be demoing Atmosphere!”

MDA (Cookbook) (Austin Sarner)

“Looking forward to it”

Midnight Apps (Juan Alvarez)

“We’ll be there demoing Cha-Ching!”

Pixelmator Team (Saulius Dailide)

“We’ll be there demoing our vapourware!”

plasq (Cris Pearson)

“I’ll be there demoing the much anticipated Skitch!”

Yahoo!, Inc. (Ricky Romero)

“I’ll be demoing the grandfather of the Delicious Generation, Konfabulator.”

Apple, Inc. (John Geleynse)

“I’ll be there (Mgr. Software Evangelism)”

Citizen Agency (Chris Messina)

“Sweet! Sounds like a real partay!”

Delicious Monster (Wil Shipley)

“Delicious Monster Crew will be in Full Effect. (Warning: Effects may include naseau, blindness, lack of appetite, and hairy palms.)”

Digg (Kevin Rose)

“We’ll be there!”

Revision3 (David Prager)

“We’ll be there!”

The Omni Group (Ken Case)


(Mathieu Thouvenin)

“I’ll be there! :)”

(Jason Terhorst)

“We’ll be there!”

(Kim Friesen)

“I’ll be there!”

(Joanna Siew)

“I really want to get in…. Pretty please!!! I want to be part of the Delicious Generation! (Please give me the golden ticket :))”

Acrylic Apps (Dustin MacDonald)

“We’ll be there!”

Acrylic Apps (Drew Hamlin)

“We’ll be there!”

Adium (Colin Barrett)

“We’ll be there, eventually!”

Adium (Elliott Harris)

“We’ll be there, eventually!”

Adobe Systems (Mitchell Kleinrock)

“We’ll be there!”

Adobe Systems (Jody Rodgers)

“I’d love to attend!”

Agile Web Solutions Inc. (David Teare)

“We’ll be there!”

Agile Web Solutions Inc. (Roustem Karimov)

“We’ll be there!” (Garett Bass)

“I’ll be there!”

Ambrosia Software, Inc. (Andrew Welch)

“Did someone say “Open Bar”?”

Ambrosia Software, Inc. (Michael Simmons)

“Here’s to the delicious food! ;)”

app4mac (Patrice Calligaris)

“We’ll be there! We can help small Mac developers team for marketing to reach US and european markets. Contact us!”

Apple (Jason Medeiros)

“As an intern Mac developer at Apple, I consider myself about, almost indie!”

Apple (Scott Maier)


Apple (Paul Schreiber)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple (Mark Whittemore)

“Looking forward to it.”

Apple (Carl Norum)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple (Mickey Levine)

“Woot! Delicious fun!”

Apple (Tim Omernick)

“I’ll go.”

Apple (Brian Heung)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple (Fred Licht)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple (Blake Seely)

“sounds delicious.”

Apple (Jonathan Koch)

“Sounds awesome. Looking forward to some sizzling visual effects. Count me in!”

Apple (Mike Thole)

“Can’t miss it…”

Apple (Justin Garcia)

“hai im in ur parteh kthnxbye”

Apple (Bob Frank)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple Inc. (David Remahl)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple Inc. (Deric Horn)

“Right On!”

Apple Inc. (Sara Skelton)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple Inc. (Casey Dougherty)

“Is it too late??”

Apple iTunes (Lindsay Eyink)

“Mmmmm. Lickable interfaces….”

Apple, Inc. (Art Jones)

“We’ll be there!”

Apple, Inc. (Nil Thacker)

“65% certian I’ll be there!”

Apple, Inc. (Murray Jason)

“Technical writer in Apple Tech Pubs (Developer Publications)”

Apple, Inc. (Jason Ferrier)

“I’ll most def be there. Don’t keep me out too late though, I have to make the midnight train home so I can get to work the next morning!”

Apple, Inc. (Andy Leeper)

“I’d be crazy to miss it!”

Aquafadas (Claudia Zimmer)

“I’ll be there!Will you?”

Ãœbermind (Jay Al Hashal)


Bitcartel (Simon Liu)

“Sounds good!”

BiteMac (Mark Manes)

“This sounds simply … delicious!”

Boinx (Florian Albrecht)

“We’ll be there!”

Boinx (Michael Ehrmann)

“We’ll be there!”

Boinx (Stefan Neumärker)

“We’ll be there!”

boxwork (cathy shive)


BreakingPoint Systems (Todd Manning)

“WWDC attendee, and security researcher / software developer from Austin. Should be goodtimes…twitter/wwdc2007 🙂 “

Delicious Monster (Lucas Newman)

“I’ll be there.”

Delicious Monster Software (Mike Lee)

“Wait, there’s a party, and we’re sponsoring it? I feel like nobody ever tells me anything.”

Department of Defense (Jeffrey Blank)

“We’ll be there!”

Discovery Channel (Scott Moore)

“Sounds like a blast! :-)”

Ecamm Network (Glen Aspeslagh)

“We’ll be there! Let me in man!”

Elgato Systems (Leonard Park)

“We’ll be there!”

Elgebar Studios (Geoff Pado)

“We’ll be there!”

eSellerate / MindVision / Indie (Josh Ferguson)

“The after-parties at WWDC are starting to rival those of MacWorld. I’m looking forwarding to seeing everyone there!”

Extendmac (Brian Amerige)

“Wish I could be there — I’m definitely missing out. Good luck to all the devs who are demoing, I’m sure it’s going to be a kickass time.”

Flying Meat (Gus Mueller)


GameTap/Turner (Beau Teague)


Google (Michelle Kwasny)

“We’ll be there!”

Google (William Carrel)

“I’m feeling lucky!”

Google (Josh Teague)

“checkity-check one two.”

Google, Inc. (Amanda Walker)

“Sounds like fun!”

Growl (Brian Ganninger)

“Looking forward to it (bring your questions for Growl 1.1)”

Harvard College (Jacob Rus)

“Hey John/Austin, nice chatting with you at lunch today.”

Headline (Andrea Gelati)

“Delicious Feed Reader”

Hipp Industries (Tyler Hawkins)

“I’m a Dev but I also blog for MacApper – I guess I’m both Mac Dev and Press…Hope to see you there.”

iFractal, LLC (Charlie Chambers)

“I’ll be there!”

IMAGINE GbR / Boinx Software (Peter Baumgartner)

“We’ll be there!”

Insanely Great Tees (Josh Keay)

“We’ll be there with free tees!”

LateNiteSoft (Jorge)

“Thanks for organizing this event, we’ll shall be there!”

LateNiteSoft (Jorge)

“Great idea! We’ll be there!”

LateNiteSoft (Pedro)

“Great idea! We’ll be there!”

Lemonz Dream (Jin Kim)

“Yay! Party!!!”

Logan Rockmore Design (Logan Rockmore)

“Looking forward to it!”

Loghound Software (John McLaughlin)

“Sounds Yummy! I’ll be there” (Mike Yrabedra)

“We’ll be there!”

MacZOT (Brian Ball)

“We’ll be there”

Marketcircle (adam baker)


Marketcircle Inc. (Eric Hochmeister)

“Hey now…”

Marketcircle, Inc. (Mark Onyschuk)

“I’m there… “

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Albert Willis)

“We’ll be there!”

Microsoft (Micah Grigonis)

“I want in :-)”

Microsoft (Michael Emfinger)

“We’ll be there!”

Midnight Apps (Matthew Arevalo)

“May just have to hop a flight from Hollywood to San Francisco for the night :)”

NewsGator (Brent Simmons)

“Thanks, Phil!”

NovaMind Software (Gideon King)

“trying this again – didn’t receive the email…”

Objective Decision (Aurélien Hugelé)

“I’ll need a contact manager to remember all those people!”

Orbicule (Peter Schols)

“We’ll be there… Undercover”

OsiriX (Joris Heuberger)

“Did I hear cold beer?”

PayPal (Mark Trammell)

“Mind the Fizzy Lifting Drinks!”

Pixelmator Team (Aidas Dailide)

“Can’t wait to take a sneak peak at all the best of Mac shareware!”

plasq (Robert Grant)

“Looking forward to it :)”

plasq (Mathieu Tozer)

“We’ll be there!”

plasq (Airy André)

“We’ll be there!”

plasq (Ted Slupesky)

“We’ll be there!”

Plasq (Jason Csizmadi)

“We’ll be there! Looking forward to it!”

Potion Factory (Andy Kim)

“We’ll be there!”

public health agency of canada (raymond shim)

“We’ll be there!”

Realmac Software (Daniel Counsell)

“This looks like it’s shaping up to be the most exciting event during WWDC… See you there!”

Realmac Software (Lorriane Counsell)

“We’ll be there!”

Realmac Software (Ben Counsell)

“We’ll be there!”

Realmac Software (Elika Burgren)

“We’ll be there!”

Realmac Software (Andre Pang)

“We’ll be there!”

Red Shed Software Company (Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch)

“sounds fun”

Red Sweater (Daniel Jalkut)

“I want to be riff-raff like Chris…”

Scitor (Carrie Cyphert)

“We’ll be there!”

SmileOnMyMac (Jean MacDonald)

“Philip Goward, Greg Scown and me. We’ll be on the late side. Hope we don’t miss all the demos.”

SmileOnMyMac (Greg Scown)

“I’ll be there with Jean and Philip.”

SNAP (Jason Fields)

“We are speaking at WDC on developing cross platform AJAX Wed applications… Thought I would drop in if its cool?! Me plus one other guy maybe?”

Sofa (Koen Bok)

“We know the almighty Austin Sarner”

Sony Pictures Imageworks (Joe Stevano)

“We’ll be there!”

sony pictures imageworks (david perry)

“We’ll be there!”

Sophiestication Software (Sophia Teutschler)

“Brings in the female factor … whatever that means :-P”

Specere (Ollie Wagner)

“I’ll be there!”

Stunt Software (Dan Messing)

“See you in a few days!”

Symantec Corp (Jeff Grote)

“We’ll be there!”

The Camino Project (Samuel Sidler)

“See you there!”

The Camino Project (Jeff Dlouhy)

“See you then!”

The Iconfactory (Craig Hockenberry)

“We’ll be there with bells and whistles!”

The Kenichi Yoshida Company (Kenichi Yoshida)

“Hey guys, let’s meet SF!! ;)”

The Omni Group (Tim Wood)

“Bling bling!”

The Omni Group (Rowan Christmas)

“Cool Beer and Apps, what a bargain.”

The Omni Group (Liz Marley)


The Omni Group (Tom Bunch)

“Save me a seat!”

The Omni Group (Bill Van Hecke)

“Oh, I suppose…”

Tubular (Steve Streza)

“Sounds tasty. I’ll be there.”

Twitter, Inc. (Alex Payne)

“Sounds like a blast!”

United States Navy (Matthew Fern)

“Heck, I figure one last Mac party before I head back to sea couldn’t hurt.”

Unsanity (Slava Karpenko)


Wonder Warp Software (Dan Grover)

“We’ll be there!”

Xeric Design, Ltd. (Trygve Inda)


Xerox (Nik Bauman)

“I’ll be there!”

Xtorrent (David Watanabe)

“We’ll be there! And by “we” I mean “I”. “

Yahoo (Shiva Jaini)

“We’ll be there!”

Yahoo! (Chris Martin)

“Sounds like the best party in the Bay! I hope I am able to join in!”

Yahoo! (Daniel Tsai)

“We’ll be there!”

YourHead (Isaiah Carew)

“Can’t wait!”

YouTube (Felicia Williams)

“We’ll be there!”

(Jenn Vargas)

“Macness? I’m there!”

(Sam Glen)

“We’ll be there!”

(Steve Rhodes)

“We’ll be there!”

18 Gray Studios (Daniel Lomanto)

“We’ll be there!”

20weblogs (Americo de Thunk DIfferent)

“We will send a stooge or three.”

AOL Weblogs (Victor Agreda Jr)

“We’ll be there!”

Ars Technica, LLC. (Jacqui Cheng)

“Two of us will be there. Looking forward to seeing everyone. :)”

Ars Technica, LLC. (Clint Ecker)

“We’ll be there!”

artfuture (Alexa Smith)

“Hmmm…which button to pick. If you’re creating something targeted toward creatives, I’m happy to write out it as press — otherwise, just count me as a very happy Mac user who’ll try to join the party. Thanks!”

Asia Daily (david kim)

“We’ll be there!”

Asia Pacific Weekly (Thomas Cho)

“We’ll be there!”

Backup Brain (Tom Negrino)

“I’ll be there with Dori Smith.”

Backup Brain (Dori Smith)

“I’ll be there with Tom Negrino.”

cfml 104.5 (colin jones)

“We’ll be there! (me 1)”

DT Geeks (Eric Vicenti)

“See you all there!”

Freelance writer (MacLife et al.) (Tom Geller)

“I’ll try to be there, if you find me worthy.”

InfoWorld (Kevin Railsback)

“I work for media, but run our Tech department, so I’m not a dev, not really media, who the heck am I? Damn riffraff! =)”

Laughing Squid (Scott Beale)

“Looks like a great event.”

Mac Recon (Frank Cantu)

“Tied down at home — I can only hope you do this again next year. Best of luck!”

MacDirectory (Keoni Chavez)

“I’ll be there with bells on!” (Matthias Lange)

“MacHeist Party @ Macworld was a blast.”

Macworld (Jim Dalrymple)

“Wouldn’t miss it.”

Macworld (Jason Snell)

“I’m going to the Police concert. You should’ve booked them for your party!”

Macworld (Curt Poff)

“I just hope I can get to the open bar before Dalrymple.”

Macworld (Rob Griffiths)

“If it’s on iCal, I won’t forget about it, will I?”

NBC Universal (Brandon Edling)

“We’ll be there!”

NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting (Oyvind Solstad)

“I’d love to be there, seeing the demos and meet the developers! “ (Paul Stamatiou)

“Unfortunately I have a previously scheduled appearance in Texas and won’t be able to attend but I will be missing out. I’ve heard people from all the big companies – MS, Yahoo, Google – will be in attendance and the party isn’t even public! Definitely the tech party of 2007.”

phone scoop (eric lin)

“rumor has it this is the place to be. and hell, what mac user doesn’t love a good rumor?”

Planet Nerd (Dan Walmsley)

“I’ll be there, drinking and dancing like a gosh-darned idiot.” (StuFF mc)

“huh ? Live streaming ? gosh I need to work on this 🙂 Just kidding. The vid guy is ready to go ! Come speak with us and I’ll show you my Woz’ interview in full quality :)”

TUAW (Scott McNulty)

“TUAW will be in the house (people still say that, right?).”

Walk The Talk Media (James Anzaldua)

“We’ll be there!”

Walk The Talk Media (Hieu Tran)

“We’ll be there!”

(Glenn Wolsey)

“This party will be great, I wish I could get along. GOod luck to Phill and the crew.”

(Fred Jones)

“Wait a second. The specere developer still exists?! Wanna give us an update? We are still paying customers aren’t we?”

(Adam M)

“I love what you all are doing and I desperately wish I could be there to support you all, but I am in NC. You all are incredibly talented and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are ushering in a whole new era of mac development, which is amazing. Good luck to you all!”


“yeah, do that. sell that magical clickity clack!”

(Yong Hwee)

“Have a great time!”

(Jordan Chark)

“Sounds awesome guys! I’m terribly regretting I can’t be there..but I’ll be sure to catch the screencasts. Good luck!”

anestheticapathy (Klein Maetschke)

“What’s the chance that us lay people could get a streaming or at least a recorded stream of the days events?”

Embraceware (Jerry Brace)

“We can’t make it, but we’re glad to sponsor. I’m sure it’ll be a blast!” (Eric Longstaff)

“Wow, wish I could go, Best Wishes…”

idleware (Daniel Goffin)

“Too bad I can’t be there in person (!). That would have been great to meet all these celebrities. Hehehe.” (Johnny Komisar)

“Sounds like a great time, would have loved to be there! “

MacUpdate (Joel Mueller)

“WWDC was always out of budget for MacUpdate. We’re poor, always working for devs and users and enjoying the time that we have. But the Mac shareware developers are coming through together, and come this July, they are helping MacUpdate. We’re really excited about the “go get ’em” attitude of the Delicious Generation and I’m sure you will find some great things if you go in person. Enjoy!”

TheAppleBlog (Nick Santilli)

“That’s it, I’ll be planning my 2008 summer around WWDC. Too many great happenings to miss out on again! Have a great time everyone!”

TheMacPak (Mark Howson)

“We can’t be there, but we love delicious software, and can’t wait to feature more of it in future bundles!”

TUAW (Dan Lurie)

“Wish I could make it, but Scott and Victor will be there with TUAW schwag!”


“Hey Dan, What do you mean by Schwag, this is a kindank party only ma man!”


Find out more about the party at Delicious Generation’s website HERE.



5 Responses to The Delicious Generation & funk for everyone, mp3: Can you digg it?

  1. Americo that is one of the coolests logos i have ever seen in my life. If the pary going to be mostly funk style music, i listen to a lot of that when i go back to home plate.

    I liked the song, is that your music again!

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  3. sohbet says:

    I’m happy to see the team grow. If you guys ever open up a Whistler office let me know, I’m so in

  4. rottweiler says:

    thanks this sharing.i think this very important subject have a nice day

  5. Click Here For Milwaukee Roofing…

    […]The Delicious Generation & funk for everyone, mp3: Can you digg it? « Thunk Different.[…]…

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