Make a Leopard Dock in Tiger!


Make a Tiger Dock Downloads Folder like in Leopardtiger os x

One of the new features in Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” that Steve Jobs demonstrated during his WWDC 2007 keynote address is the Downloads Folder in Leopard’s Dock. This is cool and makes for a cleaner Desktop. However, one can do the very same thing in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or probably any version of Mac OS X.

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Here are the steps that we followed:

  1. Create a new folder in the ~/Documents folder and name it “Downloads.”
  2. Add a custom icon (we chose a downward-pointing arrow) by control clicking on an image or folder and choosing Get Info. Then click the image in the top left corner and copy it (control-C). Then control-click the Downloads folder and choose Get Info. Click the image in the top left corner and copy the image (control-V). Step 2 can be skipped as it’s only a nicety.
  3. Drag the new Downloads folder to the Dock below the application demarcation line and drop it. It should stick in the Dock.
  4. Open the preferences for Safari (or any Web browser) and set the downloads location to be the new Downloads folder created in the Documents folder.

Now all of your downloads will end up in the Downloads folder. Control-clicking the folder’s icon in the Dock will produce a list of the downloads in the order that they were completed. It’s not quite as nice visually as Leopard’s will be but it accomplishes mostly the same thing. [Bill Fox]

Thunk D – “Thanks Bill!”


12 Responses to Make a Leopard Dock in Tiger!

  1. Greg says:

    where could I get a [larger] copy of that icon?

  2. Hi Greg,

    As far as the resolution goes, these are the largest i would display these icons. You can zoom in, or use the IE7 browser, to increase your view while surfing. You may also want to consider going into your system preferences or control panel and changing the resolution on your screen if you are considering a keynote or powerpoint presentation.

  3. wildpalms says:

    [QUOTE]You can zoom in, or use the IE7 browser, to increase your view while surfing.[UNQUOTE]

    ….use the what? IE7 browser? Not on Mac you cant, its only available on Windows and since this article talks about the OS X dock, no Windows is involved. I think the poster meant to say Safari.

  4. True dat,

    the IE7 reference was for a windows user using IE7, that browser is not available for Mac at point, and likely never will be available unless you use emulation, virtualization, or boot camp (to be included in the upcoming Leopard OS X 10.5 build.

  5. spiderlama says:

    If you want your system to be like Leopard, check out Liger – Leopard theme for Tiger.

    It comes with the grass wallpaper, icons, transparent menubar and Leopard Dock.

    You will need ShapeShifter and ClearDock though.

  6. Awesome. Thanks for the tip Spiderlama!

    Hey readers, here is the link for the Mac utility code names, “Liger.”

  7. JayZee says:

    WOW … I’d give anything to have the tiger Dock, Menu Bar and Folder icons back in Leopard … After 3 days with Leopard I really cannot stand all 3.

  8. […] Tempestblayze: Windows tip: Make a folder, put shortcuts in folder, right click menu bar (in the bottom center), toolbars/new toolbar , then browse and find the folder you made. […]

  9. jane says:

    all that I wanted was a picture and not one. Try adding some pictures.

  10. Wim says:

    Thanks, worked like a charm. !!

    i uploaded my icon to rapidshare, you might find it usefull:

    I hope everyone likes it..

    Thanks again for the tutorial!!

  11. Wim says:

    You can use this one too.. it is a folder icon with a arrow pointing down.
    I took it from the aquablend icon package


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