Safari for Windows downloads Top 1 million.


More than 1 million copies of Apple Inc.’s Safari web browser for Windows were downloaded in its first two days of availability, the company said Thursday.

Earlier this week, Apple used its annual developers conference to introduce the Windows browser, a first for the Cupertino-based firm. It touted speed gains in excess of 200 percent when compared to Internet Explorer (IE), the flagship browser of long-time rival Microsoft.Apple claims Safari 3 is the fastest browser running on Windows, rendering web pages up to twice as fast as IE 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2, based on the industry standard iBench tests. >>MORE.


9 Responses to Safari for Windows downloads Top 1 million.

  1. Natalie says:

    So have you used it? should i download it? Does it spell check like firefox2? That is my favorite thing ever on a web browser.

  2. Hey Natalie,
    No Don’t download Safari… yet. It is still buggy and even with the patch released yesterday, Apple didn’t include spell check.
    i agree SpellCheck is essential, yesterday i was sent a few emails by a CEO and he had a spelling error in his letter! That’s what FSJ Apple CEO might call a real “Frigtard” move.
    Anyway, check out “Flock”, by mozilla if you are interested in a new browser, it has built in social networking – but for windows i do like Firefox with spell check It’s a little slow, but much better on a windows machine than on mac For a mac i suggest camino, its super fast and updated to spell check in the last few weeks. i like it more than safari as it has a built-in keychain and a better bookmarks section. It is the Mozilla browser built for a mac.
    As far as social networking, just hit up Myspace, or even a service like Jdate, i hear you can find a real catch on there!

  3. TechRoam says:

    Safari 3 for Windows

    Apple launches Safari 3 Web Browser for Windows
    You might have already heard that the Apple Safari 3 web browser is now available to download for Microsoft Windows. Apple claims that Safari 3 is the fastest browser on the internet, loading pages and e…

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  7. FFA says:

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