Safari: offering the richest photos

i’m sure some of you have read my recent post about Safari for windows, well lemme tell you something iLearned about Safari for Mac OS X.

iWas browsing through some articles on cnet and came across a most peculiar litmus test type exam to see your browser compatibility. The results were slightly astounding, the color on Safari is reallysafari logo much better than my championed Camino browser, Firefox, or any browser i tested from the Mozilla foundation. RGB color is often something printers talk about, and if you ever take a photoshop class, this explanation can take eons, but basically all you need to know is that RGB is a limited spectrum and pretty much the web standard today. in the future photographs on-line will look almost as good as they do in your hand, today you are so used to the substandard view on-line it doesn’t bother most of us. Well the color, is actually regulated by the International Color consotium ICC, found at They also have a test set-up for your browser here, i think you will be surprised at how much better the color is on the Safari browser.


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