USA vs Mexico Review.

iCan’t say a review of today’s upcoming game at this point, but i can say that Mexico and the USA despise each other when it comes to soccer. The US point leader Landon Donovon took a leak on afutbol MExican training field once and has since said how goo it felt, the Mexicans have not forgotten. He is also one goal away from breaking one of the Gold cup’s all-time leading points. Today is a very big game, i will tell you how it goes.

Great Victory, 2 to 1. USA USA!

USA vs. Mexico Series Stats

3 Responses to USA vs Mexico Review.

  1. Natalie says:

    Wait, USA hates Mexico because of soccer? Wait, USA cares about soccer at all? You’ve spent too much time abroad my friend.

  2. Well the players don’t like each other is all i’m saying. What is your friend from the MHK show up to these days BTW?

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