WoW. Vista Sucks.

iThought that i would write a little bit about boot camp, vista, and the latest and greatest macbook released by apple about 1 month ago.

Boot Camp. 

For the uninitiated, it is awesome. It is Windows on your mac and able to use all your RAM, your Core Duo 2, YOUR L2 667 mhz front side bus, all of it. Blazing fast OS.

How does it work?

Easy, you hold down the Alt/option key when turning on your machine, this will give you the option to select the any part of your partitioned drive, in my case, Windows Visata Business & OS X Tiger. You could of course put Ubuntu, or another Linux based operating system, but really, why?

The two main operating systems out their for consumers in Windows & OS X, both with good features, but both with shortcomings. Here are some of Vista’s and i’ll discuss the features missing in OS later this year, just not today.

Microsoft Vista on Macbook. 

Have a Dell? A Thunkpad? There are all the same, except that they can’t fun OS X, the world’s most advanced operating system, and for the consumer, i’d have to agree.

Vista leaves alot to be desired, so much in fact, it makes me miss XP a bit, Vista is very flashy, yet “tinney” so the glitz feels more like an old vegas makeover than the construction of the new OS strip. For instance, some of the volume controls feel like they are imported from a 1999 developers conference when on-line volume control was being touted as replacing buttons industry wide.

All the cool feautred i have seen advertised as airports, on tv, the web, everywhere fal really fricking short, there is just no “wow” factor, it s big time case of over compensating what it lacks… innovation. Now really overall, who cares that much about an operating system except that you will want to have things secure and function properly, hey if a compan throws in “paint” all the better.

Well i have driver issues right away, even after the express MSFT update, and even an issue getting adobe flash to just work… stupid no? Well, it’s the same old thing. i think Microsoft is capable of an incredible operating system and on the whole think Windows is alright, but Vista is really just Window with more paint on it.

Is it safer? i hope so, it seems so, but it is not as safe as OS X. Files don’t tranfer as easily, and asisde form the dashboard, (whoops, i mean gadagets) on the side, everything is better from a funtional standpoint in OS X. Add stacks, spaces, ichat, mail, and the whole list in Leopard and it is not even close as to which system should be your primary.

Is Vista a waste of Money?

Not entirely, I have the high-end business account and see no reason why it is better than the budget version, i got a deal, so the price wasn’t important to me, but choosing the right OS when saving data and surfing the web is. So no, it is likley not a waste of money if you need it for work or a special service like Vongo downloads, but dang, is it a waste of time? Yeah, Vista is pretty much a waste of time.


It’s hard to believe that the macbook is not called the macbook pro. It is just as fast in most applications, has a better battery life, a better heat distribution case, an easier keyboard than the high end Apple model, and even the lowest of the low comes with N-capale wifi streaming, isight, and a core duo 2 processor with a big front side bus and L4 cache. The macbook has a 13.3 inch screen which is still better than the former ibook and really it is faster than the powerbook. It’s an imac on the go, its peppy, its zippy, and i will only use it another operating system when it is absolutely vital. All macbooks burns CDs, other notebooks, and OS X rips Vista too: better battery life , faster boot/close times and basically unlike Vista OS X doesn’t suck.


8 Responses to WoW. Vista Sucks.

  1. i have an update.
    Vista is not impressive. it just isn’t. However, as i have been using Boot Camp 1.3 and haven’t switched over from VISTA in a few days… um… i don’t mind. Really, i know i can go back, so it doesn’t bother me, i can quit any time, no really!

  2. Ryan says:

    do you really have much of an idea of what your talking about not being a microsoft user? (not to be rude) but common make a gadgets joke. yes its funny. But it gets old, considering that apple took widgets from Yahoo! who took them from Konfabulator. Do you know why OS X Happens to be so damn secure. Well it is because it uses something called UNIX. That was developed by AT&T and they did a phenominal job at it. Now as microsoft start to make their OS background more UNIX like they are, the only real reason alot of people get virus’s on their pc’s. Is because of stupidity. Not doing updates, clicking yes to that weird windows that just pops up for no reason. So microsoft puts in these features that stop them (finally). But then end up annoying the people who know what they are doing cause they are like, OMG I KNOW LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I don’t blame you for not liking the look of the OS its your opinion i do like it. Much better than before and some innovation is there. Driver problems, oh that, thats actually apple’s fault. Cause you see apple wrote the drivers, and if they didn’t take the time to write good drivers that is their fault. But its beta for a reason. The real reason that most driver issues are in windows is because you get a company that doesn’t spend enough time writing them and pushes their product out to fast not their fault. Apple on the other hand, UNIX makes drivers EASY, its literally like hey this device is a printer or mouse. DONE. Thats UNIX. And apple doesn’t have a huge amount of 3rd party developers to not care like alot of PC manufacturers. i don’t really see your point in listing out all of the software peices OSx has because windows has all of them also. Outlook(email and calander, now seperated and called Windows mail and calender) and msn messenger. Really there are alot of idiots who use PC’s and do alot of stupid things. And the OEMs gateway, hp, dell. Do alot of stupid stuff to some of their computers and don’t put in alot of cool features. That is not MS’s fault. MS should start making computers and i am sure they would be very nice just like the xbox 360. But alot of people from apple have been so cut off and so smug they are really uneducated on the subject. Long time PC user but VERY farmiliar with History and i currently own a new macbook pro. I love alot of osx’s features but i am still faster on vista. and i find file tranfers faster there. Click drag drop, just like in OSX (difficult getting used the extracting a DMG then dropping an icon from a window into the applications folder but it makes sense now.) I love the fact that apple stires the creative pot, and MS throws out new things. But here is the thing the OEM’s have MS by the balls. And apple can do some serious takeover business with this BootCamp thing. If apple talked with MS about offering a discount on their vista versions with a new Mac system. I am sure alot of people would Seriously go for them, i am one of them. plus MS does sofware what do they care their OS still gets out.i plan to use both for what i need. i will literally NEED both for that i plan to do. i must say the final Vista release was disapoiting since there were ALOT of features talked about but literally 1/10th of them made it into the OS. alot of them were bumped back into service pack1 and into Windows Vienna.

  3. Wwll, I hope Vienna is much better than Vista. I’m looking for 64 bit magic there. Vista is a 32 bit system and to me just feels like it is painted over XP. Some things are cool, even better than OS X, but by some I mean like 2 or 3 things out of much, much more.

    Thanks for your comment though, I’m sure many people will be interested to know the info, i too use a pc y’know and really like microsoft products. Office, XBOX 360, and especially that one paint program they keep updating for windows customers.

  4. […] much happier to have money in the bank and to save up for a macbook pro with Leopard, WITHOUT VISTA see here, and wait for the 45″”” nanotechitureenergy saving designs from intel due late this […]

  5. новини says:

    Arghghhghgh, vista sucks! Help me disconnect my wifi..

  6. Jim Bertolina says:

    Vista REALLY sucks! HUGE!! I have used Windows operating systems for years, primarily for compatability with my clients, and was relatively happy with XP. I bought a new computer some months back and it came with Vista. This has been the most painful OS experience I have ever lived through. I would take the blue screens of death (Windows 95 etc.) back any day. This is Microsoft’s worst effort by far (and that is saying something). If you know of anyone that is considering a PC, please save them from this MONSTER!!!!! MS has unleashed OS purgatory on its hapless victims.

  7. freddyzdead says:

    Might I say, your English teacher(s) failed you very badly. ‘Course, that seems to be the rule these days.

    Why do so many link an OS’s security with access to automatic updates? In the case of MS, majority of updates are for their benefit, not yours. Most wouldn’t be needed, except that they are to close loopholes they opened while trying to cash in on the social networking whirlygig. 1 or 2 percent of updates actually address real security threats.

    When I want updates, I go and get them myself.

    We are in OS hell right now; Apple is no better than M$ and Linux will never be an option until all the hundreds of distros stop competing with each other and issue a unified product. Meanwhile, I will continue to use my Server 2003 which I have customized to do everything exactly how I want it.

  8. Web Media says:

    iThink it’s kindof a style thing, but maybe you weren’t born with style points. Say hi to 2003 for us!

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