iWaited 20 minutes to write this.


The 5th avenue Mac store is PACKED, and under high security, the people securing the store are mostly between 130 – 170 pounds with a median age of 23, so really a flash mob could take ’em. But hey, there are a couple huge mf’s sitting outside in case anything goes wrong. iSuppose I’ll write more later, I’m suppose to go meet a light tech and check out a production, tomorrow is the big day, and my iriver is out of juice, i kind of wanted to do some audio.  i also wanted to check my email, but sitting around waiting while people googled, bebo’d, yahoo, urban expressed things “make-a-me-crazy” so i have to leave this mess. Remind me to ask for a 15 minute per computer when i return tomorrow, (or if successful will burrough away like Richard Pryor in the Toy) Eitherway, i gotta go. Oh now they are playing Nirvana, gotta go!!!

Update: #1 I love Nirvana, just not at big corporate HQs & 2, just like i thought, people didn’t want to be on camera, which is understandable with Fark & photoshop posts that can take a regular photo and plaster loco all over it. Hopefully a live stream tomorrow, we’ll see, i need to get a live wifi feed first.


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