NYC – Live Streaming iPhone Interviews

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iWill try to live stream some interviews this Friday from NYC in both Apple store locations. Check back for the streams and for the thunkdifferent internet radio show! (more below & save net radio!…)


UPDATE: iJust read the cult of mac (updated site!) and saw that the first guy in line is a compulsive… first-in-liner, that is pretty cool, i will try to ask him about 80’s concerts back in the day, so y’all know Bon Jovi has a number 1 hit again dontcha?

Who’da Thunk?!

Thunk Different Radio supports Internet Radio & the day of silence.

Bjork: Oh So Quiet

(Thanks SVB)


2 Responses to NYC – Live Streaming iPhone Interviews

  1. Oh, this will be fun, i wonder if triumph the insult dog will be there.

  2. Lincoln Asparagus says:

    That would rock. Loved his Star Wars show. 😀

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