Live coverage starting @ 12 EST. 2 Stores!

iPhone Launch TV powered by Moguluslive stream

This Friday, Mogulus will bring you 24/7 live stream coverage of the launch of one of the most anticipated product in history, Apple’s iPhone.

Broadcasting Live from New York, witness the excitement of
fans as they camp outside and stand in line at the two Apple stores
in Manhattan, just to get their hands on the revolutionary device.

Apple expects to sell over 15 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Coverage started today at and will feature
multiple cameras and interviews starting tomorow at noon EST.

We hope you will enjoy.

This is a service i signed up for earlier in the week and at that time i hadn’t heard of this streaming event as it was not scheduled on any of their website. Last night, i got an email, and the message above is what it said.

Neither their blog, homepage, or Google calandar held any clues to this event, so this leads me to believe it was a last second decision that perhaps they got from us! Yet, i am glad that i did, as now Apple & Thunk Different fans can watch this show instead of the one i was going to do. They will have more coverage and it will be neat to see what one can do with the mogulus service as opposed to the single camera production of

11:45 EST. It is streaming now, the chat room is full, and the correspondant isn’t exactly ted koppel, with showing old conan videos, and a terrible camera view, but hey it is streaming now.

iHope you will enjoy.

4 Responses to Live coverage starting @ 12 EST. 2 Stores!

  1. Chris Hoskin says:

    I find it weird looking at the US launch of the iPhone – from here in the UK.

    This device is SO far behind the curve, compared to a lot of handsets on sale and owned already in the UK.

    The camera is quite low spec, and the absence of 3G is something of a joke imho.

    BUT the iTunes connectivity is great – as is the look / design.

    ……..I don’t know. Apple’s Marketing pull is the 3rd wonder of the world when you consider the mind-share they get.

    You know in the UK, its mainstream to have:

    * Video Camera
    * Camera
    * Camera zoom
    * Infra-red (IrDA)
    * 3G
    * Bluetooth
    * GPRS
    * Sat Nav
    * Email access
    * Instant Email
    * Picture Messaging (MMS)
    * Mobile TV
    * FM Radio
    * Audio player
    * Games
    * Video player
    * Video calling
    * Personal organiser
    * Java enabled

    …on a phone?

    Small wonder that (an improved) iPhone won’t be launched in the UK until October.

    …I’m damn jealous of the iTunes connectivity though. Did I mention that already?

    Chris @

  2. […] to see the enfants en masse come out to play. i will try it another time however as it appears another service (or two) are covering the Manhattan and SoHo Aple store ground. (more […]

  3. Hi Chris,
    The iPhone wonder is really the software, Apple geeks like myself imagine perfect integration with iCal, contacts, widgets, web, ipod, the all in one. The iPhone comes close.

    The specs you mentioned are available in the states too, but the FM on ipods, why not? iCan’t explain that one.

    At any rate, the iPhone 2.0 should take care of all of that, i’d expect the RAM to double, and point-place GPS connectivity (cell networks learn where you are as opposed to the US governments GPS system)

  4. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Ondrej Manisha.

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