iPhone touch screen for next iMac…

ipod touchscreen

iT has been reported that the next iMac may indeed have touch screen capabilities. Personally, I doubt it. I don’t think the Cupertino company wants to move that fast. (That would cut into profits and they are on such a roll, have you seen the Apple store foot traffic?) However, APPL has surprised us before.

The move from the g4 to the g5 imac was a major boon for the product. The iMac pretty much takes care of those that want professional design in one sleek product. The Mac Pro is notably better, but of course brings a hefty price tag to the fan inducing Xeon processors that need a housed unit of its size holding over 15 gigs of ram and Terabytes of info. Back to the Mac.

The iMac is great. I own a PPC G5 20″ i wish it had a built in camera and were a 24″ to get the 1080 HD, but hey, I’m not complaining. The next ones are rumors on Think Secret & Apple insider to have “Brushed Aluminum.” i bet they are black. Good glossy, 80 gig ipod/8 gig iPhone black. Brushed aluminum is what the macbook pro does. It is high end, it is what the mac pro does, high end things. So why would Apple bust out the 2001-2003ish brushed aluminum? It just seems to make sense. The general consensus is that they will, it looks good. Not so much on safari, but when you can touch it- look out, it feels like we are taking part in the NASA SETI program. It’s futuriffic. Shiny black is sweet too, so perhaps they will do both, but who knows, a launch later this month or next will reveal all new imac details.

Now that is just the housing, how about the screen? You know touch screen is coming. to the iPod, but what if it is the iMac next? Check out the iphone vs. iHaveAbigAssTable entry. haha. iT makes sense though.

Imagine pluging in your iPhone and having it function on your desktop, something like’s Steve Job’s keynote did at Macworld. imagine if you can touch it. Dang, maby for $199.00 or something you can get a virtual iPhone, i’d check out the trial run if my iMac was touch screen sensitive. Anyway, we are free to dream.

i suspect the next iMac will be metal, black, white, 20, 24, with perhaps a 30 inch, and if not an update to their displays. “Check out the Vista.” They will say, or Vrroom with a view as they have said.

“C’mon Cupertino, you know you wanna…

os x touchscreen

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  1. ikateland says:

    wow yr cool. NOT

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