iSpy an iPrank. 408-421-0126

So, a funny thing happened to me on the way near the forum.


iDecided to check out the 5th Ave. Flagship Apple store in Midtown Manhattan to compare the foot traffic to the week during the hoopla wait for the iPhone. The funny thing was… it was busier.

Why? Do iHave to spell it out for you.i-p-h-o-n-e. In the store.

To be handled, held, and pressed against your cheek.Yes, the iPhone is on display at some (most? all?) Apple stores and the demo tables are mobbed right now in NYC. iMyself got to check out the phone. Phun!, Phantastic, Phucking cool Phone. Well, actually i didn’t check out the phone so much as features like Maps.

Amazing, much better than on a pc/mac. Really, the maps is incredible, you have to see it to believe how its little animated pin-drops may in fact inspire some users to rethink grad school and go after a second degree in cartography (maybe.)

The photos works as good as advertised, the home button is crucial, ease of use, Safari, zoom, you tube, videos, flippy effecty. Everything. iForgot to use iTunes, there was a big line and i could pheel phone pressure, but no big deal, i did get to tyoe on the keyboard, send a message and even make a call.

Which leads me to my prank idea.

Call Apple customers if you want to know more about the iPhone quality. Call several phones at once, keep calling until they make a name for it, maybe they will call it, c-a-l-l-t-o-l-o-g-y.

Why? Phun!

You see i was pleasantly surprised that the iPhones are really connected as opposed to phones in a verizon or sprint store. These babies are hot, (literally form the massive use) live and ready 2 go.

So please write back with either A. more numbers B. stories of your own. C. Other pranks for the iPhone.Call 408-421-0126 and iprank and iphone today!ispy iphone


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