My BlackBerry Vs. My iPhone.

Nice title huh? not entirely true… however keep reading and you’ll see some interesting differences between my blackberry and my (future) iPhone.

RIM’s Blackberry:(7130e)

“Push! Push! Push!” While this may seem to be the mantra of la moz coach, it could also be the marketing mantra of Reasearch In Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry Products. Ohhhh how excited i was to get my Blackberry through Verizon. I literally couldn’t wait. At this point i heard speculation that the iPhone was coming, but it being September 2006, knew that the latest “smartphone” was the best option. I couldn’ve went for the treo, but i think it looks stupid (seriously) or the Motorola Q which was a tough choice, but as it ran Windows mobile and couldn’t push quite as hard as the blackberry, I went for the RIM product due to the teathered modem capabilities and international access abroad. This last point is especially important b/c at the time i was traveling back and forth between south american for business.

So what did i first think of the Blackberry?

WTF? basically. It was a few years since i lived in the states and had a US cell phone, but when I did it was a Nokia 3605, the far bar kind with every feature known to man in 2003 and a circlish rotary like dial. You’ve seen it. At any rate, I missed it immediatley.

MY blackberry phone wasn’t at all what I thought it was going to be. it was fat, black, and featureless. My Noka was fat, white, and featureful. Yes, Blackberry’s at the time didn’t come with cameras, video, good games, or shit basically, but man could they push.

Then came the pearl, the Blackberry pearl- but as Verizon was who I had to go with, I couldn’t get this, b/c it wasn’t offered under their service plan yet, they said it would be, but I couldn’t tell when, and said, “f**k it, a lot of people like this thing, and I do lot of mobile and international business, must be the ticket!”

An expensive ticket to hell. The blackberry sucks. I sort of think about that every time i use it. Well, sometimes. Yesterday for instance I was sucking back an iced coffee in Bryany Park Mid town Manhattan and my sister called with an emergency. She needed to take a medical test, i was like, Shit, i ain’t no doctor! Then it dawned on me, i know a few and nurses too. So i called them to ask for hlp, they got the message, and I’m not sure if my sister passed her test or not, we’ll see.

Anyway, the email capability of the blackberry is good, but the typing sucks, and internet browsing is a joke. Everything stacks up and the major services that help haven’t so I haven’t been hard pressed to “push” for a new better browser on such a lack luster device, an email device that doesn’t little more than supply me with a junky web connection and an unbeatable stage on River raid, called San Lorenzo.

Internet Connection EV-DO vs. Edge.

I’m allegedy on the 700 kbs/sec EV-DO, I question that. I have been to three different Verizon stores and seriously their technical assistance as nothing more than a technical difficulty. The stores are always crowded, and the workers are very best buy-like… as in hired because they submitted an application and if they don’t know your questions, call corporate, who of course tells you to go to your friendly (over/angry crowded store.) Ay ay ay.

I have gone and asked about how to hook up the teathered modem with the enterprise account, and no one has helped, i know it can’t be done with a mac, but i have vista and bootcamp for this reason, but at this point screw it, i’m used to the blackberry web browser which is more like 10 to 20kb/sec and not that easy to use. Writing is the worst, error correction is a joke, sometimes you have to erase a full sentence b/c one letter or word makes everything look screwy. This wastes time baby.

The whole thing is screwy. The software often screws up and I have to rip out the battery and push it back in, although I had to do that with my old feature packed Nokia too. The spellcheck, internet, and dare i say it, e-mail programs are all complicated and not anything special. The customer service as i have said is ungodly awful. Remember I can speak for the cities of Chicago & New York regarding the Verizon service, it is T–errible in these places.

Ok, now to the iPhone. Tell me what you guys got, how is your service going?


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