You Tube Wins Democratic Debate.

UPDATE: I’m quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal regarding web 2.0 tech, August 9th, Article HERE.

This is just a great title and maybe the feelgood story of the year. YouTube won the Democratic debate on Monday. It was akin to watching commercials during the Superbowl. You never knew what was coming, but, you felt it would be good.

The Internet site made the democratic Debate hosted by CNN into a three-dimensional event. The video questions were pithy, sometimes serious and occasionally outrageous.


Watching those Internet queries by ordinary people allowed the nation and the candidates participate in a different definition of democracy. It was a pioneering experience enabling the candidates to watch and feel the questions often punctuated with music, wild facial expressions and even props for emphasis. (More)

Check out the most popular video on YouTube today! HERE

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4 Responses to You Tube Wins Democratic Debate.

  1. Did You Tube Upstage Democrats At Dems Debate?

    So now The New Era in American political debates is finally here.
    Or IS IT?
    Not only did the “new media” You Tube participate in last night’s Democratic presidential hopeful debate, but some pundits said the questions from You Tubers …

  2. True dat.

    What do other people think about “The new era in American political debates?

  3. danny says:


  4. Awesome comment danny, keep em comin!

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