Top 10 Blog Ideas… Lindsay No Hands!, Life with Steve (Forbes) and A 200% Proof Dick Cheney.

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In the spirit of FSJ and his outing as a Forbes editor who has gained international stardom in the blogging world. iThought i would throw together some ideas for other people that would like to entertain us all with pure fiction. iWould do it myself, but of course work for a living and so do not have the time.Here are 10 quick blog ideas i thought of in no particular order.

cogswell cogs1. Cogswell Cog Daily Blog: A blog about work and the daily grind.

2. Life with Steve (Forbes): A blog about the musings of a billionaire on an island. Perhaps he’ll call media mogul Murdoch or Redstone, or perhaps he’ll have Philly Cream cheese flown in that day. The “whipper kind” that his personal kitchen doesn’t have and never seems to have.

life with steve (forbes) FSJ Lyons

3. Lindsay No Hands! A blog about just how goddamn crazy obsessed the paparazzi are about celebrities. It would be like cops, but with celebrities, you could see how they drive people nuts.billy crystal diamond

4. Bobby Diamond: A blog about how Billy Crystal stole all his characters and fame from Dustin “Screech” Diamond’s dad, Bobby Diamond. Follow father and son as Bobby writes hatching future plans with his Hollywood angst, perfect son, and capers so grandiose as to best the greatest of the Diamond’s former “glory days.”

5. 200% Proof Cheney: A journal about the true thoughts of our nation’s most powerful vice president, game hunter, and and covert moonshine distiller.

mr. s.6. Letterman and his people. A “fanfiction” blog about the inner working of the 70’s educational show, the letter people. Please explore this from the “achoos” of Mrs. A, to the Manic Munching of Mr. M, there is certainly some explaining to do here. Adultery, Drugs, and general Debauchery. VIDEO.

So, what are a few more?

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6 Responses to Top 10 Blog Ideas… Lindsay No Hands!, Life with Steve (Forbes) and A 200% Proof Dick Cheney.

  1. Natalie says:

    I heart those ideas, particularly the letter people. I had never heard of them and now I want to hug most of them. Some are too creepy for hugs.

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  5. FTW?

    Get off my blog jack, you a crazy man.

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