Dear Real Steve Jobs… Thank you for iLife ’08.

red buttons Dear Real Steve Jobs,

Thank you. The iLife ’08 released today looks to be the most revolutionary media software package on earth. The iMacs… incredible, .Mac – Thank god, Numbers – expected, but thanks. All is all, iLife ’08 fills in the gaps that the Leopard keynote was missing, and then some. iMovie… who is that guy who simply came up with this idea, the idea that changed media forever? I want to buy him a gift on Facebook, and then buy him a real one, doesn’t matter what it is, a beer, candy, a rainbow, whatever he wants. He deserves it. He deserves to go on more vacations. Send him to india, the pyramids, the wall, stonehenge. I’m interested to see what he comes up with. iThink we all are.

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garage band 08

Just as i know that we are all happy about iPhoto, and WTF was that with Garageband? The magic app that changed music is 100x cooler than guitar hero, which i have never played and wouldn’t mention if i did. Whoops, can i edit that comment, i don’t want people to even know I have heard of that inferior time waster? Hell yes i can, with iLife 08. Can i burn a DVD and send it to my grandpa, can i call it dvd4mygrandpa? Kidding… i know I can. i know the real Steve Jobs gets it done. i know that after watching your keynote today, i will be purchasing iLife immediately. iT’s better than Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, a photobook, scrapbook, or any single piece of software i have ever seen. And so much more compatible than members of a real band. i’m so glad FSJ was “outed” and now RSJ can get down to business. Thanks for finally releasing iLife ’08, and letting iMovie guy go on vacation, perhaps the new iMovie icon star will make the walk of fame, we sure know you will, right down the street from Edison, Hendrix, and a man they called, Red Buttons.

red buttons


3 Responses to Dear Real Steve Jobs… Thank you for iLife ’08.

  1. […] and also worth it if you .mac, which basically stunk yesterday and is worth the money today. (See Thanks Steve.) iHaven’t had time to check out most of the new iWeb functions or the suite in general… […]

  2. Americo says:

    iWould just like to take a minute to reflect on what an idiot iwas to write this. iMovie 08 is kiddy play, professionally useless and two steps back. ay ay ay!

  3. […] […]

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