Installing & Using iLife 08 with an iMac: Troubleshooting Application.

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iLife users only had to wait a year and a half for this one, luckily, it was well worth the wait. iLife 08 is the most drastic upgrade since… iLife 06. But still, iLife 06 is pretty dang neat and all for only $79.00 single user retail and $99.00 for 5 account family pack. (Go with the family pack in case you would like to purchase a G4 powerbook or want to sell your current mac.)ilife 08

Wait, a G4… why would i want that? Because the prices are a little more down to earth on eBay than they are at the Apple store. iMacs… always debatable, they are truly pro-sumer these days and by the looks of the it 24 inch refurbished iMac is the best deal Apple offers with a full warranty.

The new 2.8 iMac with 500 gigs of storage and 2 gigs of RAM looks good too. Trust the video card upgrade is worth it alone, iMacs have been sorely lacking in this department, yet have still been usable, unlike the macbooks, which if you read my review from last week and simply, toys.


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Oh yes, iLife 08 is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. iMovie alone will change the game for grade schoolers to become high schoolers to become vis-à-vis Fellinis globally. iPhoto is a much needed upgrade in the suite and will make it harder for competition to mess with Apple and their surging stock price. iF you have the iPhone the new ’08 upgrade is essential and also worth it if you .mac, which basically stunk yesterday and is worth the money today. (See Thanks Steve.) iHaven’t had time to check out most of the new iWeb functions or the suite in general… why?

imac ilife 08

1. iBought iLife ’08 this morning. (download 20 min presentation)

2. iLife is still loading. Seriously, hours after the initial install.

HOW? Not sure. The initial install took about 20 minutes, but when i opened iMovie it asked to import my iPhone library, i said “sure” 4 hours later, it is still doing this. HOW? Like i said, i’m not sure. iDid happen to notice that iMovie requests that your computer be at least a 1.9 GHz. iThought this was pretty mega BS and installed it anyway, it ofthunk different 100 gigs of video and photos to sort through. So far, so good. Slow with the iMovie uptake, but my 1.83 GHz PowerPC is actually becoming dated at this point, i have 2 gigs of ram and no other course seems to be working, but 2 and a half hours. iT is not loading quickly, although it does have programs running at this point. iHave biked 10 miles to return and find… it. is. still. loading. Luckily iHave another computer or two and can post about it. Hopefully this is normal, i would hate to have to write a post about de-installing iLife ’08. Other than that, look for a quote by me in the Wall Street Journal tomorrow in the tech section. i’ll try to keep the 400 to 800 regulars that read Thunk Different up-2-date on the iLife suite, what i have learned and post some results. Nothing academic, just an enthusiast’s look at the world’s most exciting media suite on the world’s most advanced operating system, Tiger OS X: 10.4.9. Saludos.

os x tiger

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UPDATE: iMovie FINALLY imported, it works great & i have found tons of video i have forgot about and iMOVIE is revolutionary. iPHOTO Too. iPHOTO only took about 15 seconds to auto important everything. MAssive difference. iGuess Apple means it when they say you need a 1.9 GHZ computer for iMOVIE anyway, i Hope the worst is over. i’ll put something together for Monday, check back. Whew… >)


2 Responses to Installing & Using iLife 08 with an iMac: Troubleshooting Application.

  1. peter stangl says:

    Hi — do you accept specific questions about iPhoto? Mine quit functioning a couple of days ago.


  2. […] Original post: Installing & Using iLife 08 with an iMac: Troubleshooting … […]

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