Web 2.0 Video: “The Machine is Us/ing Us.” Interview Question.

Please take a second to check out this video, I have contacted an attached author, Michael Bianchi, regarding this production about global communications and the project itself. Here is a quote from Michael whose video is featured in the project…

What do you mean by “communication” ? Are you talking about the daily emails that i’m receiving? Are you asking me if this particular video , “the machine is us/ing us” brought me new & important contacts?…

If so , I have no idea. my youtube channel has a total of aprox + 4700 members. I’ve been contacted by film festivals , tv networks , fans , haters , musicians , producers etc…But many important opportunities never came to fruition because I’m located in Paris. & I’m contacted by americans (80% of the time).

One of my videos , titled “youtubers” was screened at a short film festival….and apart from that , I’m currently working on my very first fianced short film project.”

So there you have it.


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