Hands off my wi-fi enabled ipod nano.

So, the rumor mill is churning out news of os x in the new apple nano. Also, that samefat ipod mill is pushing the idea that the new nano will be a fat little guy, a combinations of the original nano and 30/80 gig units making it something like a thinner digital camera. Vamos a ver. Either case, it will be a good release and a long time coming. Apple hasn’t touched their ipod unit a in a few years, and a much needed software upgrade would be needed.

It seems to make sense as September is a good release date for the back to school kids and young adults attending university. Also os x, would invariably give the ipod an edge that the Zune, iriver, or competition could never hope to equal for at least a fwew years, thus securing dominance and raking in the proverbial dough.

Here is something else to think about…

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