Dear Something Something…

iOften want to write Google, CNN, and major companies about my true feeling for them. For instance, i really like Google’s Gmail, like most people, but i see the crowding of their hom page filling up with more and more options. Options that i do not care about. Options that make me resent Google completely.

A video about Gmail? Who gives a F***. Not me. Not you. But Google does and god knows why they think we would.

Also… did you hear they are giving 25 million for anyone that lands on the moon? That’s perverted. Really, how about helping “people” on “earth.”

I would write something like, Dear Google, F.U. – signed me.

iOften want to write CNN too. When I lived abroad I never checked it. i checked the bbc, nytimes, and that was about it for English newspapers. i check it now. And i hate it. I suppose i will stop this week, just like I will stop smoking cigarettes when i go out… he.

So what would i write CNN. Shut up, most likely. There is more tabloid media on CNN than Us magazine these days. iT is absurd. They are whores to ratings, they are FOX media salt lick. Why? because they have a one – dimensional element to them.

iRemember reading this Jay Leno, “Headlines” book when i was a kid. One of the headlines cracked me up, i think it was Boy and girl walk to school hand in hand, That is CNN these days. 110% BS.

It is a joke of a news network. i saw they even had a photo pulled from that venture capital start-up, Autoblog, “whoa” i said, they are killing themselves and they don’t even know it. Traditional media is F**cked. Once they acknowledged the blogs, the end was in sight. Now that they are using their material????? Why go to at all, they are a slow, tired, vegas obscessed media relic. They are those people pulling slots… smoking…acting useless. They are a non-factor.

So what would i write them?

Dear CNN, What is you problem? i Heard you gave Ted Turner sh*t right before he left, i See you are giving it to us right now. Goodbye. -Signed, Eliot Rosewater.

I’ll point out a few headlines this week that cement my point about CNN, and perhaps you’ll agree that at its current clip it will soon be sleeping with the fishes.

As far as Google, it is like an annoying neighbor that moved in that you have to simply deal with.

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