Facebook & MSFT.

facbookYes, I’m sure you’ve heard. Strange bedfellows… perhaps. Also notice that I used the Wall Street Ticker symbol for Microsoft and that Facebook does not have one. They kind of want to go public, like Google, Inc. did. There was a time not too long ago that they were simply a company, now they are part of the American economic engine, which is faltering pretty hard. Notice how the yen is stronger, the canadian dollar is EQUAL, and the Euro, well… lets not go there.

The fact of the matter is Zuckerboy is gonna win no matter who buys the book. i knew the first time i even heard of Facebook, Dang,face slap that. is. a Go-o-o-d idea. Opening it outside of the .edu system kinda stinks tho, becuase now it is getting ruined like myspace. Which of course opens the door for someone else to do the SAME THING. With-out the pokes i’m thinking tho.

Remember the good ole days. Kiss ’em goodbye. Facebook is filled with some marketers, but like Scoble says, its his rolodex these days. Link-in eat your heart out. Facebook zombie apps rule.

So will MSFT buy it? i doubt it. i bet they will pour more ad money into it, but that is kind of stupid. If they buy facebook, even for 5 to 10 billion, it is a good buy due to brand equity. MSFT has become an old grandpa and facebook is the promising whooper snapper, if they hiot the skate park together and share a malted milk, it will get the kid some treats and gramps the ability to wear, the coolest grandpa ever t-shirt and bragging rights.

So strange bedfellows yes, relatives in the same house, seems MUCH more likely and honestly makes for better blogging.

iphone facebook


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