Mac OS X Leopard nearing release.

time machine

UPDATE: It appears that Leopard is now Final Candidate!

Apple’s next generation operating system is nearing Final Candidate status according to several reports we obtained.

Two builds of Leopard were seeded during the last few days, the first was labeled “9A528d” and the second “9A559”. The latest one’s seed note indicates very few known issues and is overall very stable according to feedback we were given on it.

This confirms our follow-up on Leopard’s development roadmap published earlier this month but leaves no more than two to three weeks for Apple to release a Golden Master build. The word among internals is that Leopard will be on track for the late October release though.

Among changes noticed in the most recent build of Leopard are some visual tweaks we can see on this InsanelyMac forum thread.

full article here.

For mindful readers…

A typical software release cycle:
• Pre-alpha (testing and design)
• Alpha (about 1/3rd complete)
• Beta (usually the first release to public testers, bug fixing, largely feature-complete)
• Release candidate (Called “Final” above; code complete, or no new code being added, with ongoing source code fixes)
• Gold Master (master copy of a release)


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