Sex, MySpace, And Pandora’s Box.

Long time since I’ve scribed one of these, so considering no body needs too much at once, i’ll keep thisiran map post short. Well, some people say you can have too much, and some say not enough, for me, i’d say it depends on the day.

What are we talking about here?

Sex or MySpace? Both.

A recent study suggests that one out of eight relationships are now started on-line. I would like to contest this with simple seasonal spirit, the season of ghosts and goblins, and all things creepy.

1 in 8? Another suggest that only 1 in 10 people are gay. i think there are likely more gay people than people hooking up on-line. By people, i talking about Americans here, and i see that everyone is equal, but according to recent news sources there are no gay people in Iran.

Sounds far fetched right? yeah, and so does 1 in 8, so does 1 in 10 for that matter,

ZERO in 65,397,521 really does. It makes the other ones looks possible. 2 out of 3 aint bad.


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