Leopard, this month: Feature set #1.

Spaces & OS X Leopard Feature # 1. (New Feature Tomorrow)



I am excited for this option built into the 64-bit capable OS 10.5 operating system. iThink that “Leopard” is truly going to revolutionize chat, presentations, lost memory, mail, and of course computing on the whole.

So lets start with one of my favorite new options built into the OS, it is called, Spaces. It is going to really help keep my desktop clean. Spaces gives you the space necessary to run-multiple desktops at one time. iHave seen this before however, and it is not entirely new. The Microsoft IE browser runs a very, vistaesque version of this, and in fact, MS Vista runs something like it. But like Slim Shady, says, they may be the next best thing, but they aren’t quite him. Or does Apple fall into that category too?

Spaces is not new.

The concept of having multiple desktops was actually developed in the unix/linux community first, and interesting enough that Apple’s new Os will infact be, Unix certified. So how many “spaces” can we have? i’M thinking 4, but hoping for more, perhaps 8, and that we all know, 8 is enough.

Great… Who gives a ****?

iDo man. Think about it. Spaces will clear up all those .jpgs, .dmg, and folders completey… just put them all on another “space.”Also, Mail can have its own Space and that clears up room for the internet on one space and an application on another space. Mix it up baby. Do what ya like.

Will Widgets be working on different spaces?

iDon’t know. iSomehow doubt it. I like the dashboard, but i do have two issues with it.

  1. Start-up time after booting. Why? Can’t the OS generate 25 mbs of ram to slowly start it up when you aren’t there? Think about all the time wasted awaiting to find out the weather, when really you can just look outside sometimes.
  2. You can’t put the widgets on your dashboard. iKnow there are widgets and tricks and gizmos and hat have you to do so, but the new edition isn’t advertising as doing this, perhaps some other developers know more than yours truly, but from what i’m reading, Leopard will stick with one dashboard for all spaces, and unlike the nifty yahoo widgets for your desktop, will not let you use them in your spaces natively.

So is Spaces a nice edition? iThink so, i’m looking forward to creating a space dedicated to folders and application, thus cleaning up my dash, dask, and dock in order to improve workflow and see more productivity and the soothing graphic that shows up everytime I use spaces.


2 Responses to Leopard, this month: Feature set #1.

  1. gwhiz says:

    The current Leopard seed is as stout as any golden master release I’ve seen Apple ship in OS X. It TOTALLY rocks!

    Spaces is really nice and trumps Virtual Desktop very subtly but in a powerful way… you’ll see. The Dock is going to take people some getting used to (just like Spotlight did).

  2. Shweeeet. Y Gracias por tu comenario amigo.

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