Radiohead website crashes as fans rush to order album

free radiohead album

Radiohead’s official website was back online last night after overwhelming demand for the band’s new album caused it to crash. Traffic on the site slowed to a crawl after the rock group told fans on Monday that they could pre-order the new release, In Rainbows, from at any price they wanted. more.


3 Responses to Radiohead website crashes as fans rush to order album

  1. radical says:

    WOW. Nobody else talked about this on blogs for like 3 hours, you were the first dude, very cool. I will chck out thunk more often, how did you know about this and why did you say things before other people, do you have crystal-ball man?

  2. Cool, thanks for the props, i gotta admit, NPR, but iWrite quick. So, there are a few stories that might enlighten you, here is one…

    itzaBIT on the dont-ask-dont-tell level, “but what is that?” Basically if you got some inside 411, tell it. i check and macdailynews ALOT, they are the best news outlets for Apple info, is a big fat joke. They get all thier info from these sites and insider tips. They are hard-core for-profit and don’t care much for things that don’t get “hits,” same for Engadget and Ryan Block “head?” he seems to be a person that was in the right place at the right time, he doesn’t come across as particularly intelligent or a “nice guy.” He deleated my account once for asking him a question. I feel, The whole weblogs, inc. family is super profit based. Look elsewhere for good info, i’m simply one person doing my best outside of work, there are 1000’s like me, check them out, or macworld, but stay way from rumour-mongers like Weblogs, inc in my opinion, they are after your “web-traffic” and their hearts are in the wrong place aka bling!

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