Apple Mac Keyboard Review.

This is a top ten about the new apple imac keyboard. (Shhh you don’t need a new imac to feel like you got an upgrade!)

  1. its quiet.
  2. it is easier on the wrists
  3. its quiet.
  4. it has itunes keys built in.
  5. its cool looking.
  6. its cheap($49 wired, not shown | $79 wireless above)
  7. YOU will be come a better, more productive worker.
  8. its just like the Air Jordans that make you jump higher when you wear them vs. other shoes
  9. its so F88cking quiet.
  10. its evolution baby.

4 outta 4, or 5 outta 5, whichever way you look at it, it is a great keyboard and much easier to keep clean than over 99% of the keyboards out there that dont wear Air Jordans like this guy. A slam dunk. get it!

flat apple keyboard?


One Response to Apple Mac Keyboard Review.

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