Google’s Gphone is an Operating System, don’t tell iLeopard.

It’s been the buzz of the blogosphere for last few months – the much-awaited launching of a Google mobile phone – with industry watchers haunting over incessant hearsays and supposedly leaked effigies of the legendary phone.Google has declined to reassert any further plans for the GPhone

But at the moment it looks that the so-called ‘iPhone killer’ could be one of the most hyped non-devices in record.

According to the recent information, the mobile phone Google engineers have spent two years secretly making is really not a cellular phone in any way but an operating system (OS), which is configured to bring all the tech majors’s online goodies comprising its highly productive advertising to mobile users.

Now the world’s most popular search engine is in quest of extending its authority of internet marketing to the mobile phone market.

The company desires to redeem on what it considers as the speedily rising mobile internet advertising market that is comparatively small nowadays.

It is making a mobile phone operating system, which it desires service providers and makers to set up in their phones. The phones cost could even be subsidised by the publicity, which appears on their screens.

A declaration about the growth is projected soon with handset using the latest software available as early as 2008.

At present, mobile phones make use of a range of operating systems to access the internet consisting arrangements from Microsoft and London-based Symbian. The software is assembled into the phones by makers. Google is projected to present its software free without charging phone manufacturers a licensing cost.

Together with the operating system, Google is likely to originate a unique browser for cellular phones and modify some of its MORE.rar!

M/i/Thoughts: iTotally think so. Why would Google get into anything physical ever? Apple did, yea well, it is what they do. And they kicked arse, they aren’t going to be beat there, at least iDon’t thunk so. Google, on the other hand is an advertising company that is screaming to rip itself from your desktop, laptop, and even your tv. Just watch. i 100% think the gPhone is a software that mimics OS X, (it might even be OSX??) and uses a whole lotta grandcentral/visual voicemail on it. Google maps rocks on an iphone right? Maybe that’s because of the gphone software, Maybe Apple will become part of Google, who knows, all iKnow is that Microsoft and Google are frenemies considering Microsoft does well, b/c they own part of Apple. And just watch the gphone is an idea, a cloud, a server in the sky, it is the next operating system that will transform people’s lives again, just don’t tell iLeopard Rar!


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