New Music for a new Day.

There si a lot of great music from all around the world, we’ll be listing to some today. World, Reagge, nations and their versions of soul… all evoking spirits, belief, animals like the tiger, leopard, and all humanity and nature to share this reality with a visa harmonious. it is beautiful really

CLick for the outlaw anthem here.

outlaw death

Bonus Soul music from Asia



2 Responses to New Music for a new Day.

  1. willamina says:

    Hi there—thanks for commenting on my blog! To add the mp3 uploads and player to my blog, I did the WordPress upgrade that gives you more storage space and it was added as an option. Once you upload the music file to wordpress, use this format:


    (Only substitute the URL of your music file instead of “http://musicfile.mp3”. But that’s the format to get the player to show up in your blog.)

    The WordPress FAQ explains it all more thoroughly:

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    new music is definitely my thing, and world music makes my world go ’round! You know, you should check out Lone Star 92.5, they play great music and have hardly any commercials. They play a variety of music such as Alternative Country, Classic Rock, and Outlaw Country to name a few. Visit to listen live! I work with them and am an avid listener!

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