Should iStart a Facebook blog or MySpace Blog? Start a WordPress blog.

Where to start your blog? Facebook? MySpace? A YouTube Video Blog? Hells no. WordPress baby. There is much more functionality on having a selfgodzilla hosted blog, but is truly a great system. AND, unlike blogger, vox, typepad, etc. WordPress is open source. Just like parts of Leopard. So get wth the program and lets make the EFF, W3c, and that important committee that sets internet standards happy and keep it fresh, clean, and open source. Self-less WordPress plug, go go godzilla!

How tall is Godzilla?

Where does he go after a fight?

Why does he fight?

Has he been to France?

Is Godzilla really a male, can a god be male?

All this and more, beginning here. Godzilla’s favorite weblog, just follow the rabbit.




7 Responses to Should iStart a Facebook blog or MySpace Blog? Start a WordPress blog.

  1. zmicer says:

    Yes, you are really right. I am running wordpress software at and really happy with that. Before that I tried LiveJournal, and currently post all my entries to it too. The great thing LiveJournall offer is a great community, the concept of friends, but it is hard to make money using the LiveJournal blog. I did not start doying it with the, still believe in the success. The only thing is it is on the belarussian language, and currently I am thinking on adding multilanguage facility for the to be able translate some favorite posts to English/Russian langs. What is your vision on this?

  2. sayhellobeard says:

    I use WordPress and I love it. To me it really is the only way to go.

  3. Thanks for the feedback, isaw a good livejournal in russian, is pretty cool and that is in Russian. Check it out and see if it is a profit model that works for you. Good luck to both you Zmicer and SHB! Ciao.

  4. Sinsearch says:

    I use wordpress and then two plugins that post a summary plus links to myspace and twitter. I can’t remember the plug in names at the moment as I’m on a different terminal, but I’m sure googling for them will reveal them to you.

  5. Chuck says:

    I really Just wanted to say that I liked your blog & Thanks for keeping it on point!

  6. MySpace Friend Adder says:

    Do you ever wonder where people get all these MySpace and Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers? I found one place to get a TON of MySpace Friends, It’s called but do you know any other ways to get more traffic from social networks to a blog like yours or mine?

    Thanks For keeping it on point!

    Best Regards

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Again for all your help!

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